Travel Diary: Cape Verde Prepares for Secretary Clinton

August 13, 2009
Secretary Clinton Waves as She Boards Plane in Nigeria

Interactive Travel Map | Text the Secretary | Behind the Scenes PhotosAbout the Author: Marianne M. Myles is the U.S. Ambassador to Cape Verde.

I am looking forward to welcoming Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to Cape Verde on the final leg of her seven nation trip to Africa. Her visit will highlight good governance in this small, island nation. Secretary Clinton has been emphasizing this theme throughout her travels during the past week, and it certainly rings true here. Cape Verde enjoys a stable democratic system, high transparency, and low corruption.

This nation is a success story that has helped to emphasize that Africa is a place of opportunity, built on an ethic of responsibility. Secretary Clinton has placed great importance on good governance and the power of democracy to drive social advancement and economic success. The Secretary has also underscored America’s commitment to partner with governments, the private sector, non-governmental organizations, and private citizens to build societies where each individual can realize their potential.

The United States has a long history of partnership with Cape Verde beginning in 1818 when the first U.S. consulate in sub-Saharan Africa was established here. U.S. consular representation continued throughout the 19th century. The United States recognized Cape Verde on its independence day in 1975 and supported its admission to the United Nations. Cape Verde assigned one of its first ambassadors to the U.S., and a resident U.S. ambassador was posted to Cape Verde in 1983. I’m proud to serve as Ambassador as we continue to build on this strong foundation, and Secretary Clinton’s arrival will bring well-deserved recognition to the success of the people and institutions of Cape Verde.



South Carolina, USA
August 13, 2009

Quan in South Carolina writes:

I am excited about the Secretary's visit to the Cape Verde Islands and look forward to the expansion and image improvement of the Unites States in foreign diplomacy.

Cabo Verde
August 14, 2009

Jean in Cape Verde writes:

As an American by naturalization, prior US service member under the 8 years the Clintons occupied the White House, I am very happy to hear and witness this historic event of having Mrs Clinton here in my natice country. I hope she encourages President Obama to visit our wonderful country as well.Proud to be an American and will fly the National Colors with pride in Mindelo Sao Vicente CABO VERDE.

Massachusetts, USA
August 14, 2009

Joao in Massachusetts writes:

It's a very special day for the capeverdean comunity living in the country and abroad. A moment of pride and happiness to see Mrs. Clinton in this country of less than half a million habitants.

Cabo Verde
August 14, 2009

Osvaldo in Cape Verde writes:


A very warm welcome from Cape Verde to SECRETARY OF STATE HILLARY CLINTON.

For me and surely for our whole nation it is a memorable day in our History to reveive such an important and brilliant worldwide personnality as SECRETARY OF STATE HILLARY CLINTON. It was with great emotion and joy I heard the important and encouraging words Mrs CLINTON adressed from Sal.

Thank you so much for this honourable visit to our country and for all you have being doing since long time ago for the improvement of mankind in our planet.


This MEMORABLE VISIT to our country has certainly reinforced our belief in the "AUDICITY OF HOPE". Yess WE CAN and together, with GREAT LEADERS SUCH PRESIDENT OBAMA AND SECRETARY OF STATE HILLARY CLINTON, our planet can be a better place to live.

Osvaldo from Cape Verde

Nathaniel B.
Cabo Verde
August 17, 2009

Nathaniel B. in Cape Verde writes:

As Mister Osvaldo said before, this visit to Cape Verde of the SECRETARY OF STATE HILLARY CLINTON is such a memorable day to our country and the whole Cape Verdian Diaspora abroad.

Thanks Madame Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of State, for this recognizing and for emphasize the efforts that Cape Verde has made since 1975 for establishing a strong and solid democratic system.
I hope that, this historic visit will strength up the partnership between these two great nations.

Finally, I think that Cape Verde is proud for its social development and economic achievement, and for all that United States will continues to have special relationship and to be a privileged partner in this way for build more and more strong foundations.

The people of Cape Verde deserve.



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