Travel Diary: ABC News Follows Secretary Clinton in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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August 12, 2009
Screenshot of ABC News Coverage of Secretary Clinton in Goma

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ABC News followed Secretary Clinton's visit to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Watch ABC News coverage of Secretary Clinton's visit to the eastern Congo, where the Secretary spoke out against sexual and gender-based violence and announced that the United States will provide more than $17 million in new funding to prevent and respond to gender and sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Read more about the Secretary's trip to Africa.



Texas, USA
August 12, 2009

David in Texas writes:

Secretary Hillary Clinton continues to represent the best of American Leadership. Her dedication to the goals of Women's Rights and to the Rights of All is completely impressive. See speaks for justice everywhere she travels. The United States is very well served in all countries visited by Secretary Clinton.

Tennessee, USA
August 13, 2009

Joe in Tennessee writes:

Oppression is a control element and strong international denouncement is a start.

The objective should be to alter the benefits of that control element. Herein lies the solution.

America has had the same problem with minorities. Politically, I was in an area which had an adult 70% minority population base in the 60s. You would think they would have some political control in a democracy.

Why not: Being a large Southern farming base the nature of oppression was not simply external with integration; but, the long term apathy which became normal within the culture of the minority population base. In Virginia, as a Commonwealth, funds were equally distributed for education, yet if you graduated from a minority high school you chance of college was less than 20 percent. If you graduated from the integrated school (Caucasian) you chances were acceptance in 75 percent of all colleges in the U.S. That is fact. Within three years of non integration, the same school barely passed the Commonwealth standards for education. Why? Long term created apathy by the leadership of the minority via acceptance. The minority educators did not educate their people as well because they felt there was no realistic opportunity.Their people would work the farms, mills or move out of the area. there was nothing else as it was a preservationist society with little actual economic variety for opportunity. Oppression was a mechanism of protectionism on the economic stage rather than hate as it is many times thought. That ideology was on the elemental ground level where completion for work made any differences grounds for bias. CHANGE HAS TO TAKE PLACE INTERNALLY AS WELL AS EXTERNALLY!

The Leaders of all countries need to recognize that they cannot give up the good fight? they cannot develop a system of opportunity or even basic civility without human rights on all levels as it oppress all. In reality, just as oppression is a tool of control it develops apathy which is non developmental for all. This is the devil in oppression, the loss of self value and hope.

We are fortunate to have Secretary Clinton promoting civil human rights worldwide and on all levels.

New York, USA
August 12, 2009

Ron in New York writes:

From Africa to Afghanistan in One Week.......

Attacking the Helmand Taliban Opium Center one week from the Afghan election is really absurd. If Karzai were taken out six years ago, we would not be up against Karzai's Opium-funded Taliban warlords on the eve of this election. Why don't we ever face reality?

Karzai runs the Talibani-Opium-Terrorist-organized-crime Nexus in Afghanistan; just as Musharraf ran the Terrorist-ISI-Global-Crime operations in Pakistan. Attacking Helmand one week before the election, will surely get Karzai re-elected on the fear-factor alone.


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