Travel Diary: Highlights From Secretary Clinton's Visit to Kenya

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August 7, 2009
Arriving at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi
Secretary Clinton is Introduced to Kenyan Foreign Minister Moses Wetangula
Secretary Clinton Arrives at the Hotel Intercontinental in Nairobi
Secretary Clinton is Greeted by a Gentleman from African Heritage Wearing a Costume from Cameroon
Secretary Clinton Walks with Kenyan Minister of Agriculture William Ruto and Kenyan Environmental and Political Activist Wangari Maathai During a Tour of the Kenyan Agricultural Research Institute
Secretary Clinton Tours a Laboratory at the Kenyan Agricultural Research Institute
Secretary Clinton Views an Exhibition During a Tour of the Kenyan Agricultural Research Institute
Secretary Clinton with Women from AWARD (African Women in Agricultural Research and Development) During a Tour of the Kenyan Agricultural Research Institute
SecretaryClinton with Women from AWARD
Secretary Clinton Provides Remarks in an Agricultural Trial Corn Field During a Tour of the Kenyan Agricultural Research Institute

Interactive Travel Map | Text the Secretary | Behind the Scenes PhotosThe slideshow highlights Secretary Clinton's visit to Kenya.

Secretary Clinton began a seven-nation trip to Africa at the 8th U.S. – Sub-Saharan Africa Trade and Economic Cooperation Forum (known as the AGOA Forum) in Nairobi, Kenya. While in Kenya, Secretary Clinton discussed new approaches to development, including an emphasis on investment and broad-based economic growth.

During the visit to Kenya, the Secretary delivered a speech at the Ministerial Opening Ceremony for the AGOA Forum, participated in bilateral meetings with Kenya’s senior leaders, discussed global hunger and agricultural issues at a major research institute, and engaged with Kenyan citizens. She also met with Sheikh Sharif Amed, the President of Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government.

The Secretary continues her travel with stops in South Africa, Angola, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria, Liberia, and Cape Verde.



New Jersey, USA
August 7, 2009

Rosemary in New Jersey writes:

Not a question/a comment:

Dear Hillary,

I think the world knew, in 1995, how much courage it took and you displayed by digging in your heels and making the statements you made in Beijing. I wonder how many know what kind of courage you showed in Kenya speaking of tribunals in the presence of the very perpetrators of the post-election violence and murders there last year. I was seriously worried for your safety. Your fortitude is an inspiration.

To me, what you did is as brave as putting yourself in the line of weapons fire. I will blog and tweet about this. The American people deserve to know about the fabric their Secretary of State is made of. You are a patriot and a soldier for justice, here in our country, and around the world.

We, who check in here at the State Department sites know of your dedication, strength, and perseverance on the part of the disenfranchised and subjugated all over the world. Some of us have dedicated ourselves to spreading that word while the mainstream media lags far behind.

We've still got your back, Hillary. We are loyal and faithful. You have never abandoned us, and I, for one, will always be loyal to you.

May God and the angels always watch over you and keep you safe.

Most truly yours,
New Jersey

South Korea
August 9, 2009

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Dear to ....

When talks about us, after for a few hours the contents comes out to broadcasting.

Only that alone puts an interest?

have a good travel....


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