Travel Diary: U.S. Support for Somalia and Its People

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August 6, 2009

Interactive Travel Map | Text the Secretary | Behind the Scenes PhotosSecretary Clinton met with Somali President Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed today in Nairobi, Kenya. Following their meeting, Secretary Clinton said:"No one knows better than the president the challenges facing Somalia and his people.... The United States is supporting the African Union's commitment through AMISOM; we believe that is exactly the right approach to take and we are supporting the training and equipping of the TFG forces, which is after all in the front of this fight to regain control of Somalia away from the violent extremists."

Read more from the Secretary Clinton's press conference with the Somali President.



South Korea
August 7, 2009

Palgye in South Korea writes:


-In the country which is poor self-supply of the food
i think "corn"(super corn)
not by grain major(?) and not to GMO.
(There is experience which succeeds from Federation of Nigeria. and i`m not dislike grain major,solves the food today in their indebtednesses, and knows well. i think now is not Africa)

the individual must form a capital and thinks that will be able to develop at next step.(The waterway improves a wave crest house environment and the expense which holds in the seed and farming lends to initially)

- In the nation which exuviates from first industry.
Gratuitousness to provide the factory of the industry which decamps from the United States to Africa, (plant export), a kind of fading industry or dissolution etc. of disposal of waste and vessel............................
....Others do not have to do to initially and from difficult industry they must start and there is thinks that,

Will do to do to is a school and a hospital most first but
(Political stability includes)economic stability is impossible without and also the supply of manpower is difficult,
to educate the unemployed people of advanced nation,
dispatches to the actual place and provides the chance of the department of pedagogy medical treatment,
-the nation and the enterprise provides a monthly salary.
-Under the conditions which do to make tagged or a name of the enterprise or the nation school name or hospital name use.

-The nation which enters to secondary industry does to make the system introduce which will promote the development of commerce(micro-credit, alternative trade etc..)

To the country where the underground resources is much group is need supervision org.(Closes a speculative influence and induces an investment, i know, it`s very difficult but we do a little, at least)
-AU will make the military force and will defend protects and the duty which will do will hang and the resources and? - quit the dispute is first things, i think

Is a resources whose also sightseeing industry is fine, - with warfare starving, becomes the condition which is not .........


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