U.S. Journalists Released From North Korea

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August 5, 2009

During a press availability today in Nairobi, Kenya, Secretary Clinton spoke about the release of two journalists from North Korea. Secretary Clinton said:"We have been working hard on the release of the two journalists. We have always considered that a totally separate issue from our efforts to reengage the North Koreans and have them return to the Six-Party Talks and work toward a commitment for the full, verifiable denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. I was very pleased to get the news that my husband's plane had taken off from Pyongyang with the two young women on board. They are on their way to California where they will be reunited with their families. I had a very brief conversation with my husband, we did not go into the details of some of the questions that you are asking, there will be time to talk about that later. This was mostly just to communicate directly how relieved and pleased he was and we are with the successful completion of this mission.

As I said in a long set of remarks in Thailand about two weeks ago, the future of our relationships with the North Koreans are really up to them. They have a choice; they can continue to follow a path that is filled with provocative actions which further isolates them from the international community, which resulted in the imposition of sanctions by the Security Council and the full cooperation of the international community, including and led by China, for the implementation of those sanctions under the resolution. Or they can decide to renew their discussions with the partners in the Six-Party Talks. We have always said there would be a chance to discuss bilateral matters with the North Koreans within that regional context and that is still the offer today."



California, USA
August 5, 2009

Brian in California writes:

I would like to first mention how grateful I am for the successful mission produced by President Bill Clinton. This act should underscore how dedicated President Clinton has been and always will be to the USA and the world abroad. These Americans are safe because of President Clinton and his leadership-diplomatic skills.

I surely hope President Obama awards President Clinton the highest award available.

I truly miss the Clinton years!!

Massachusetts, USA
August 5, 2009

Gale in Massachusetts writes:

I am proud to be an Amarican, the action Bill Clinton took, showed compation and grace. The fact is that he took action......The gift of freedom,family can never be replaced. My brother never returnd from Vietnam MIA so I speak from the heart Thank You for doing not just saying God bless

California, USA
August 5, 2009

Teri in California writes:

Thankyou to Pres. Bill Clinton for all you have done and thankyou Dear SOS Clinton for the hard work on bringing these girls home to their famly!

We love you (((( Clintons )))) Are the best!

Pres.Obama needs to give Pres. bill Clinton a great big award and also The SOS too!

Much love A True Hillary Villager always
And we are so proud of you!!


New Mexico, USA
August 6, 2009

Eric in New Mexico writes:

Kudos to all involved in their safe return.

I can only imagine how surreal it must have been for these two ladies to have a door opened to see big Bill Clinton standing there, seemingly completely out of context in North Korea.

I don't think a better ending to this movie could have been concocted in Hollywood.

To those that say we "rewarded" North Korea in any way, "stone faced" as he was, I doubt the former president would have been caught dead cracking a smile to give them that.

A question arose in yesterday's briefing as to why no one had "thanked" the North Korean regime.

I would refer the reporter from CNN to the video of their departure and the way the former president waved goodby.

Thanks does not always require voice to communicate.

I don't know that this is a case of "ask and yea shall recieve", or just another case of parralel thinking...(chuckle), but in a three hour conversation with 'lil Kim, I sure hope the former president got the chance to to do this:


North Korea yesterday warned that Pyongyang would respond to the sanctions with "merciless" force, AFP reported.

"We will mercilessly and resolutely counter the enemy's 'sanctions' with retaliation, its 'all-out war' with all-out war," said Kim Yong Chun, North Korea's defense minister (Agence France-Presse II/Google News, July 26).

"Will someone please clue ethical infants into the reason why America has no permanent enemies is because the leaders who've called us "enemy" in the past generally ended up taking a dirt nap? Sometimes at the hands of their own people.

I'd appreciate that as much as I believe the rest of America would appreciate some hard and very public strait talk to these idoits, being not only in our national interest, but sound, ethical diplomacy in support of multilateral efforts to achieve lasting peace in the region."

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