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June 17, 2009
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Today, President Obama announced United We Serve – a call to action for all Americans to volunteer this summer.

This summer, President Obama is calling on all of us – young and old, from every background, all across this country – to participate in our nation’s recovery and renewal by serving in our communities. From June 22 to September 11, United We Serve will begin to engage Americans from coast to coast in addressing community needs in education, health, energy and the environment, and community renewal. Serve.gov is your online resource for not only finding volunteer opportunities in your community, but also creating your own.

On the White House Blog, Cammie Croft provides more information:

"Since his Inauguration, the President has called on all Americans to serve our communities and be a part of building a better future for our country. And given this unique moment in our history with the unprecedented challenges we are facing, there isn't a more important time than now for us to get involved.

That is why today the President is announcing United We Serve – a call to action for all Americans to volunteer this summer and be part of building a new foundation for America, one community at a time.

We know that ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things when empowered with the proper tools. The Corporation for National Service, the federal agency dedicated to fostering service in communities across the country, is providing those tools on their website, Serve.gov. They make it easy to not only find volunteer opportunities in our neighborhoods, but also to create and promote our own projects. It's time to roll-up our sleeves and get to work."

View the President's announcement and get started at Serve.gov.



Syrian P.
June 17, 2009

Syrian Nationalist Party writes:

Considering the profiling, email and telephone interception, few other hallmarks of recently enacted examples of citizen benefits. Not sure why any Middle Easterner, Indian, Pakistani etc. would want to be part of this Government is broke so help yourselves drive. It is labeled SERVE instead of WORK FOR FREE. For many in America it is more like, work a third job for free.

Tennessee, USA
June 17, 2009

Joe in Tennessee writes:

Not to be reticent; but, GW asked the same of everyone from the beginning of his administration. He all but begged for any and all societies, groups, individuals and religious affiliations to do more. While he felt a lot of the weight put on the government could be and should be handled better on local private levels, it is the same message.

I think what has happened, which can be viewed as the gentleman from Syria's remark: What the government of America gives IS FROM THE PEOPLE of the United States of America and not separate from the people and is addressing the internal problems addressing us now. Many do agree that you must feed your family first; we still have an abundance which feeds close to two thirds of the world and has for some decades now. Other Governments have backed down, such as Italy and Germany lately on what they provide using his theology...But that is the difference of the United States and other countries regarding democracy...we are not provisional externally or internally.

Today, we are addressing health care for all Americans. While it may be over a decade after the problem was shown by Mrs. Clinton, it has now raised its head and we will overcome the problem.

The reality of a new economic from of fiscal responsibility is being developed and with a view not only to Americas interest, but worldwide. The United States is addressing the short comings of the use of money as the tool for which it was meant to be used in a democracy. The only opponent to our governmental realities is greed and not fiscal responsibility for which money is the social developmental tool to sturcture society. From individual growth to corporate development without monopolistic control or adverse effects on the Treasury of the United States, we are addressing these problems and will solve them.

A lot has come upon the people of the United States of America at one time and we have always been there for everyone else, now the President is simply asking that we be there for each other as well...why make something so simple sound so poor?

Perhaps we should have never taken God out of things to the extent we have, after all, that is what is on the back of the dollar bill: In God we Trust, now look at us.

Washington, USA
June 18, 2009

Tyler in Washington writes:

Best wishes and prayers for a swift recovery from her elbow injury for Secretary Clinton.


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