DipNote Passes 5,000,000 Page Views

Posted by Luke Forgerson
April 30, 2009
Internet Users in China

About the Author: Luke Forgerson serves as DipNote's Managing Editor.

I'm proud to announce that today DipNote surpassed five million page views. When I shared the news with my colleagues, their faces brightened, and some even did a celebratory dance.

It feels appropriate to reach this milestone as we also mark the first one hundred days of the Obama Administration. During Secretary Clinton's first town hall meeting with State Department employees, she said, "There is no doubt in my mind that we have barely scratched the surface as to what we can use to communicate with people around the world, and in fact, to use them [new technologies] as tools...to further our own work and be smart about it."

Those words were particularly encouraging to me and my colleagues. The Secretary certainly meant what she said! Soon after taking office, Secretary Clinton posted a blog of her own. She has solicited questions from people around the world through "Text the Secretary." She has hosted webchats and webcast town halls and has focused on new media to amplify the Department's efforts around the globe.

State Department colleagues often informally share their thoughts with me about new media efforts, DipNote in particular. I prefer, of course, to hear when colleagues like something they see or read on the blog, but I also value their constructive comments. Their feedback demonstrates to me that State Department colleagues are taking a vested interest in DipNote. The blog enables more State Department employees to engage the five million viewers, like you, who rely on DipNote for updates on critical issues, such as climate change and food security, and share with you the work they are doing in countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

Though DipNote's success rests much upon the contributions of State Department employees, it also relies heavily upon you, our readers. On behalf of everyone at DipNote – Caroline Adler, Jeff Jackson, Tamika Johnson, Eric Jones, and Daniel Schaub, a group whose creativity and vision are at the heart of the blog – thank you for helping us reach this point. Thank you for reading, and thank you for providing your informed and heartfelt comments. We're excited that DipNote reached this milestone, and look forward to millions more!



New Jersey, USA
April 29, 2009

Rosemary in New Jersey writes:

Congratulations, Dipnote! Your are all doing a great job.

Special thanks to our Hillary for TELLING us about Dipnote. As you can see, she has a lot of folks who are invested in following her, and all of you.

Keep up the great work! We LOVE it!

California, USA
April 30, 2009

Masood in California writes:


Wow! 5,000,000 page views!

DipNote, is a great platform for the people all over the world to share opinions, concerns and the suggestions on critical issues at home directly with the United States of America.

For State Department a real opportunity to gain an insight into complex but often interlinked problems. A tool, policy-makers can utilize to debug strategies on an open-source platform.

April 30, 2009

Aaron in Iraq writes:

Congratulations. As a DipNote reader (and contributor), it's great to see the State Department embracing technology and keeping the public up to speed on what's happening around the globe.

I'd also like to thank DipNote for your commitment to posting the stories of U.S. diplomats in the field. Your outreach to the rank and file of the diplomatic corps gives those of us in far-flung and forgotten parts of the world a forum to tell the stories that few ever hear about.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to celebrating 10,000,000 page views in the years to come.

California, USA
April 30, 2009

Wendy in California writes:

As a Dipnote devotee (sounds better than a Dipnote dipsomaniac . .), hip hip hurray for the Dipnote team! I learn so much from Dipnote. Bubbly all around.

April 30, 2009

John in Greece writes:

@ Luke, Caroline, Jeff, Tamika, Eric, Daniel and the SD "computer team".

If "sky is the limit", you are such a GREAT air crew that soon you'll make it to space! And it goes...

Keep up the innovations, new ideas -- you always bring to table -- and your love for this project and I'm sure that 2009 web statistics will prove that 5M page views is just the initial take off in order to accelerate DipNote to 50Ms.


Patricia S.
New York, USA
April 30, 2009

Patricia S. in New York writes:

Everyone hopes to hitch his/her wagon to a winner. As a reader and contributor to Dipnote, I say we're all winners. Congratulations to everyone connected with Dipnote for providing us with a welcome, informative site -- covering every topic -- from A to Z -- keep it coming.

New Mexico, USA
April 30, 2009

Eric in New Mexico writes:

( In the beginning )

There once was a guy named McCormack, who had an idea and went for it.

For all the unsung diplomats, in far flung places, the public should know their names, and we'll make them famous.

How? His superiors asked.

Let there be a blog.

Why? They wondered.

Because the press only gets half the story across to the public.

Who will read it?

If we build it, the public will come and interact with us.

It's never been tried before, the doubters mused.

We need all the good ideas we can get, and public diplomacy will be well served if we give them voice in the foreign policy of the nation.

What will you call it? they asked him.

Are we not diplomats? Let's call it "Dipnote".

The sighed and said, Ok Sean, we'll entertain your social experiment, you've convinced us. As they surrended to his logic.

And so an institution was born.


I have no idea if the above is in any way accurate, but I'd like to think so....(chuckle).

Congrats to all involved, you've earned it.

I tell folks in my community about this blog and I generally get one common reaction.

Disbelief that the government actually cares what the public thinks.

When I tell them yeah, they do, and the Bush admin approved Dipnote's start up, they go into shock.

When I say,"Here's your chance to make a difference and interact with Ambassadors, Assistant Secretaries of State, and that even the Sec. of State blogs here, they suddenly get real shy about doing so, and voicing complaint directly.

The "big brother" complex I guess, as they ask me, "Arn't you afraid you'll get a visit from the "Men in Black"? Or get hacked by the NSA?

I tell 'em, "Ain't no censorship involved though you should remain civil in your remarks, as it's the polite thing to do. And remember, the government works for you, not the other way around, so have no fear, the First Amendment is your friend."

I hope Luke, that you and your staff fully appreciate what damage you all are doing to urban myth.

Hollywood has created a bit of social stigma in this regard I think.

You all have done a great public service, well beyond the obvious.

Keep up the good work!


April 30, 2009

John in Greece writes:

@ Eric in New Mexico -- "Bravo Zulu" for your text (as Donald wisely says). Do you remember Bro the attacks that Sean received, concerning this Blog? I know you do! He was/is a genius?!!!

So, I think that we owe him a HUGE THANK YOU!

I will attempt to give him my best regards because I feel that he is still part of our "DipNote team" through "our" music:

P.S. Dear Sean, I think you "owe" us a post on how are you doing. We love you here, 'cause you are the "basic father" of this excellent project. Best Regards Sir McCormack!

Syrian P.
April 30, 2009

SNP in Syria writes:

That many, better watch what we post here. On the other hand, that is 5 million better informed citizens worldwide, what better way to promote freedom and bring progressive ideas forward than this economical mean called blog. We all benefit from highly educated Citizens.

May 1, 2009

John in Greece writes:

@ SNP in Syria -- You write: "better watch what we post here". Are you attempting to frighten us SNP? You didn't like the 5M pages success right?

If you mean that we should be responsible and serious, concerning what we write -- I agree! Go ahead, do it first for SNP though, because many posts are a little bit?! But, if you attempt to reduce the "size" of this Blog's success -- Forget it! You'll never gonna hurt its value. By the way, it's FREE, not economical, especially not "cheap at all" like some comments. I mean you cannot "afford", or evaluate the high class staff of DipNote staff in terms of money. However, I would agree -- although I'm sure you disagree now -- that they should get a bonus +plus a bigger budget for this FANTASTIC project.

Concerning the "watch" fear you are regularly trying to spread as a virus, my answer is copy/pasted, but very true and proven in this Blog's history. Of course I don't know what's happening in the Syria dictatorship telecommunications environment, making me "understand" your psychological fears. I can feel you, coming from a country with no Democracy, Rules and Laws.

My answer:
QUOTE: The "big brother" complex I guess, as they ask me, "Arn't you afraid you'll get a visit from the "Men in Black"? Or get hacked by the NSA? END OF QUOTE.

No! this site is AMERICAN, all of which means FREE, as long as you don't attempt to hurt Democracy and Freedom?

So, I disagree with your comment. According to my opinion, "DON'T 'WATCH' WHAT YOU POST? guys, as long as you believe what you write. Feel free...Nobody gonna hurts you! This is a Hollywood myth! (you are Right NM!).

I wish I didn't "mis-analyse" the deeper meaning of your comment, but anyway, this is how I got it. I am not an analyst! Nevertheless, if we say "watch it", we'll never get the 50M pages... when we make people hesitate to engage into a FREE dialogue.

New Mexico, USA
May 2, 2009

Eric in New Mexico writes:

I guess we could "watch" them if they were worth reading SNP, including clarity of meaning (chuckle) I read you loud and clear, and agree on the fundemental points, and would add,

When a government satisfies the public's curiosity and voice, it can be percieved as "open". It is for the public to define how that manifests, in process of becoming so.

Florida, USA
May 3, 2009

Susan in Florida writes:

To the DipNote staff -- THANK YOU for providing us,"the world", with a place to express our thoughts and opinions. Congratulations on the 5 million page milestone!! Your hard work and obvious dedication are appreciated. Looking forward to the next 5 million.

District Of Columbia, USA
May 4, 2009

Molly in Washington, DC writes:

Congratulations on reaching 5 million!

District Of Columbia, USA
May 13, 2009

Anna in Washington, DC writes:

Congratulations and best wishes to the DipNote team.


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