Information on Flu Outbreak in Mexico

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April 27, 2009
Surgical Masks Distributed in Zocalo Plaza Mexico City

The U.S. Embassy in Mexico provides information on the flu outbreak in Mexico. Read more in this travel alert.

The governments of the United States and Mexico are working closely together to contain the current outbreak of H1N1 influenza. In accordance with measures announced by the City of Mexico to limit the congregation of large crowds, the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City will suspend all non-essential consular services from Monday, April 27, 2009 through Thursday, April 30, 2009. On Friday, May 1, 2009, the Embassy is closed for a local holiday.

From Monday, April 27 to Thursday, April 30th, consular services for U.S. citizens will be limited to citizenship applications (passports and consular reports of birth abroad, or CRBA) and emergency assistance only. Notarial and other routine services will not be available; anyone with passport or CRBA appointments is encouraged but not required to reschedule to a later date. Additionally, the Federal Benefits Unit is requesting all persons to postpone interviews on Social Security claims.

The Visa Unit will also suspend normal operations during this week. The Embassy will reschedule all visa applications which have been made for the week of April 27th. Our call center will call or e-mail applicants to reschedule appointments. Alternatively, applicants may re-schedule visa appointments without being charged by calling 01-800-719-2525. If there is an emergency visa issue please email visas_mexico[at]

These are precautionary measures only, taken to best assure the well-being of our clients and staff.

The United States has imposed no additional constraints or limitations on travel between the United States and Mexico. Travelers are encouraged to comply with suggestions by Mexican public health officials and to be alert to good health and sanitation practices.

For more information, please see this message from the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City or visit

For additional guidance on Swine Flu, please visit the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Swine Flu Page.



United States
April 27, 2009

Zharkov in U.S.A. writes:

If Homeland Security wants to prevent a bioweapons "Pearl Harbor" event, it might do as China does and acquire some infra-red scanners to measure body temperature of airline passengers before they board airliners.

Taking the word of a passenger that they are feeling well seems stupid, when their only alternative is to miss their flight.

If Napolitano believes what she says about a second wave of flu coming, then maybe she should do something about it?

California, USA
April 27, 2009

Brian in California writes:

I sincerely appreciate this blog post. This to me is another primitive example as to why the United States should duly enforce the CDA and EPA as well as to promote all other countries to enhance their sanitary rules and regulations.

Tennessee, USA
April 27, 2009

Joe in Tennessee writes:

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but Homeland Security Today issued an article which suggest Mexican cartels as it true? Who knows.

You see, that is the problem we face today, money can purchase anything and any illegal group has one thing in common: Profit by going against the Government and laws of its residence. That is the unification of these groups... Be it of moral consequence or illegal activity, they are united in the cause of the standing Government laws as being against their efforts and they all have money.

Since it is a release of a lesser virus, as it is not generally fatal, someone or some power wants to show WHAT COULD BE. We may not know everything on who, if anyone released it or for what reason?

Perhaps God has simply decided there are too many people on earth now?

April 28, 2009

John in Greece writes:

@ Zharkov in U.S.A. -- Do you see now that life is aã Nevertheless, I absolutely agree with you on this infra-red suggestion. But what has become of your "Big Brother" theory now?

QUOTE: acquire some infra-red scanners to measure body temperature of airline passengers before they board airliners END OF QUOTE.

Do you see that friends become enemies and enemies become friends?

Now, it's obvious even to you dear Z, that only technology can "save" us. You see, there is no Big Brother Infra-red scanners in this case, are like using cameras to control criminality. Right?

I mean, we use tech to protect our lives and future!

People in 2009 (billions of people, and not just hundreds as 5000 years ago) can only secure themselves if they use tech. 5000 people could do it "camera/less". Today it's impossible to do it this way. We are billions. How can we otherwise (without tech) survive in such a huge scale of dangers and earth's population?

So, there is NO BIG BROTHER!

Come to tech... You are right!

Tennessee, USA
April 30, 2009

Joe in Tennessee writes:

The world was not a close as it is today. People did not travel to the extent they do today and control elements are behind with the exception of countries which have elevated threat levels for decades. It is not BIG BROTHER to control a population base when premised on defense of the character, charter, health or welfare of any civil population.

Japan is using thermo imagining now on incoming flights; why not add one more thing? LOL!

If nothing else, we can update histology of virus spread for this generation. Bless those poor souls who are lost over this...but there will be good to come of it by its simple existence and the knowledge base obtained.


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