Secretary Clinton Travels to Iraq, Kuwait

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April 25, 2009
Ambassador Hill Welcomes Secretary Clinton Upon Her Arrival to Baghdad

Secretary Clinton travels to Iraq and Kuwait today.

Secretary Clinton arrived in Baghdad, Iraq, today, her first trip to Iraq as Secretary of State. While in Baghdad, Secretary Clinton will meet with Prime Minister al-Maliki, President Talibani, Deputy President al-Hashimi, Foreign Minister Zebari, and other senior leaders in the Government of Iraq. They will discuss issues of common concern including security, stability operations and assistance.

Secretary Clinton will also meet with Ambassador Christopher Hill and Multinational Force-Iraq Commander Odierno to discuss the Administration's new direction and change of mission for U.S. forces in Iraq and hold a roundtable with Iraqi women.

The Secretary will also participate in a town hall with Iraqi citizens who work day in and day out with Provincial Reconstruction Teams, to hear from and discuss with them what they are achieving as well as issues facing the Iraqi people. Secretary Clinton will depart later today for Kuwait.



Pennsylvania, USA
April 25, 2009

Helen in Pennsylvania writes:

I am so proud to see Hillary Clinton going to Iraq. Iraq needs to know that we are not going to just abandon them now.

Illinois, USA
June 24, 2009

Sarah in Illinois writes:

This trip is a great surprise for all those following the great work of the SOS.

I am proud of everything she is doing! I trust Secretary Clinton, Ambassador Hill, President Obama and the whole team to get us out of Iraq safely and secure.

Peter H.
Illinois, USA
April 26, 2009

Peter in Illinois writes:

Mornin' Madame Secretary Clinton,

Keep Moving Forward, there are many good things to accomplish during the next 8 years,like setting an example of Honest Due Diligence for Discovery.

Have a Great Day,


Peter L.

New Jersey, USA
April 26, 2009

Rosemary in New Jersey writes:

Dear Hillary, If I look in the dictionary at the word "unflagging" I think I will see your pretty picture there!

*unflagging support for the Iraqi people;
*unflagging support for women and children;
*unflagging dedication and loyalty to the American people;
*unflagging energy in addressing you new job.

You are a role model and an inspiration. I have never seen anyone like you, and I am your age. You make our generation look young -- which is great since I still feel young, and you look fabulous!

Stay safe, be well.



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