U.S. Embassy Addis Ababa Launches Recycling Program

Posted by Kirsten Bauman
April 22, 2009
Embassy Addis Ababa Launches Recycling Program

About the Author: Kirsten Bauman serves as Regional Environment Officer for Eastern Africa at U.S. Embassy Addis Ababa.

On Earth Day 2009, the United States Embassy in Addis Ababa launched a program to recycle the plastic bottles used in our offices and employees’ homes. Ambassador Donald Yamamoto and embassy employees officially kicked off the program on April 22 at the embassy compound with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The U.S. Embassy is partnering with a local company, Aquapure General Trading, to implement the plastic recycling program. Aquapure, which employs nearly 150 Ethiopians, has been recycling plastic for a range of businesses in Ethiopia and exporting it for industrial use. The U.S. Embassy is Aquapure’s first client from the diplomatic community.

The new plastic recycling program will complement the U.S. Embassy’s existing paper recycling program, a partnership with the local NGO, “Treesavers.”



wondesen h.
United Kingdom
May 5, 2009

Wondesen in the United Kingdom writes:

my comment abut ethiopian uthority polition partiis killings and arrest but now poor prison conditions unlawful ar killings civian and 16 year old 85-90 year old so now in ethiopia life an conditions and bad u need now pyotect stop killing and arrest

Birhanu S.
Virginia, USA
August 20, 2009

Birhanu S. in Virginia writes:

I am So glad my everyday dream about recycling comes to reality,so i am very happy to see this happening and i would like to thank the Ambassador of U.S. embassy in Addis Ababa for this kind of support and initiation.And in the future it is my plan to work in the field of recycling a lot of things that have been polluting the enviroment.Recycling will lead our future more clean and green.


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