Antarctic Treaty Marks 50 Years, Supports Today's Efforts To Address Climate Change

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April 6, 2009

Today Secretary Clinton addressed the first joint session of the Arctic Council and the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting and recognized the 50th Anniversary of the Antarctic Treaty. Secretary Clinton said:“The genius of the Antarctic Treaty lies in its relevance today. It was written to meet the challenges of an earlier time, but it and its related instruments remain a key tool in our efforts to address an urgent threat of this time, climate change, which has already destabilized communities on every continent, endangered plant and animal species, and jeopardized critical food and water sources.

Climate change is shaping the future of our planets and – our planet in ways we are still striving to understand. But the research made possible within the framework of the Antarctic Treaty has shown us that catastrophic consequences await if we don’t take action soon. The framers of the treaty may not have foreseen exactly the shape of climate change, but their agreement allowed scientists to model its effects, including glaciologists studying the dynamics of ice, biologists exploring the effects of harsh temperatures on living organisms, geophysicists like those who discovered the hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica that prompted the ban embodied in the 1987 Montreal Protocol. Today, the hole above the Antarctica is starting to close, thanks to the world’s response to this discovery.

So the treaty is a blueprint for the kind of international cooperation that will be needed more and more to address the challenges of the 21st century, and it is an example of smart power at its best. Governments coming together around a common interest and citizens, scientists, and institutions from different countries joined in scientific collaboration to advance peace and understanding.”

Read the Secretary’s remarks here.



Syrian P.
April 6, 2009

SNP in Syria writes:

Get free Google Earth and take a heavenly close up aerial tour of Antarctica, before it all melt into the ocean water. You can even see the wildlife up close. While you at it, when you r turning earth at your desktop you will see couple of tiny winy dots on the blue ocean water, zoom in and tour heaven on earth at the island nation of Mauritius. Then jot over to a place called Syria and see how a huge waste land, a dirt hell on earth looks like. It may spoil this whole virtual trip for ya but if you to read and see what this tiny nation of Mauritius in the middle of nowhere did in the past decade, and what you can do now there for business, living and leisure, you will know why it is hopeless for Syria under Baathism.

April 6, 2009

C.C. writes:

Does she know that Antarctica isn't populated? Only scientists ever go there, it's too cold. Why would a war break out between co-workers? Where would they get the weapons?

Maryland, USA
April 7, 2009

Patrick in Maryland writes:

Hello, InterNet People of the States Department. :)

I liked what Hillary said in her speech about "Climate Change", and coming together around common interest to advance peace and Understanding. I think climate change is a very important problem seeing how the weather has been lately in the United States and around the world. I hope we get all the countries working more closely on this problem.

I also hope everyones week is going well. see ya :)

New Mexico, USA
April 8, 2009

Eric in New Mexico writes:

@ C.C., You might enjoy reading up on a little cold war history down under.

South Korea
April 9, 2009

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Dear to Secretary Hillary Clinton.

i agrees this address. may, (it`s not happen to Sec) if,

Sec (yes, may) wrong, i follow that decision.(it`s looks

flattery. yes, looks. but, it`s real.)


thank you.


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