Secretary Clinton Responds to Text Messages About Mexico Trip

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April 3, 2009
Secretary Clinton Greets Employees

Secretary Clinton recently traveled to Mexico. During her travels, she received questions via text message. When asked if travel to Mexico were safe, Secretary Clinton answered:

The United States is not advising American citizens to stay away from Mexico. Millions of U.S. citizens safely visit Mexico each year, and we expect that to continue. We send out travel alerts all the time at this time of year just so that people are well informed and exercise good judgment. But we are not advising anyone to change their plans. In fact, I just advised one of my friend’s daughters to have a wonderful time on her spring break in Mexico.

Read the Secretary's answers to other frequently asked questions about her trip to Mexico here.



California, USA
April 5, 2009

Wendy in California writes:

I'm so glad that SecState Hillary said that we and Mexico are a family. That is such a profound foundation upon which to continue to build and to bring our mutual day-to-day hopes and dreams to longlasting & beautiful fruitions.

District Of Columbia, USA
April 5, 2009

Angela in Washington writes:

Secretary Clinton is, in some ways, a diplomat. How well do you think her relations with other countries would be if she answered texts with stuff like: "Keep your kids out of Mexico at all costs!" No, she can't really do that. Having some friends who are Mexican natives, I know there ARE nice places in Mexico as well as some rough places, just like there are in any other country. But I think that Secretary Clinton is playing it safe.

April 7, 2009

Humberto in Mexico writes:



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