President Obama Discusses Afghanistan During Town Hall in France

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April 3, 2009
President Obama at Strasbourg France Town Hall

Today, President Obama participated in a town hall event in Strasbourg, France. President Obama said:"The United States of America did not choose to fight a war in Afghanistan. We were attacked by an al Qaeda network that killed thousands on American soil, including French and Germans. ... So I've made a commitment to Afghanistan, and I've asked our NATO partners for more civilian and military support and assistance. We do this with a clear purpose: to root out the terrorists who threaten all of us, to train the Afghan people to sustain their own security and to help them advance their own opportunity, and to quicken the day when our troops come home."

Read more about the President's town hall in Strasbourg. The conversation touches on the most fundamental issues surrounding America's role in the world.



South Korea
April 4, 2009

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Dear to President...

have a catch a cold at London? oh, no.

please take rest.

it`s my all thing, to do for President Obama.

(i believe cold wii be cure and also economy crisis is too)

P.S -- Mr.President, not responsible in this cirisis and your cabinet(adding advisers)in my opinion. (economy crisis start by someones, but not finish, only hide. therefore, please, don`t stop.)

"you are correct. they are wrong."

Josh C.
Iowa, USA
April 4, 2009

Josh C. in Iowa writes:

Why isn't their anything about this story on the state department website,2933,512422,00.html?

I would really like to know what good reason their would be to let a man who put his life at risk to save American lives?

I have had it with politics and I have had it with politicians who care more about their career then they do about the human life they represent. I am not alone. People are waking up and very soon party affiliations will make no difference. Its time to unemploy most of the politicians republican and democrat in Washington and abroad. Until recently I thought I was alone in my frustration, but the obvious corruption and self serving actions of those who make up government have started causing many other to speak up who held their peace in the past. At my work, in my church, in the grocery store and community gatherings their is a growing sense of unity of those of us who recognize the lack of character of our elected leaders.

Patricia S.
New York, USA
April 4, 2009

Patricia S. in New York writes:

The administration, early though it is, is a complete disappointment. To realize that so much that was said on the campaign trail, was just to get elected -- sad, indeed. It will be "four years and out" for the President and the administration.

No hope we can believe in and we never should have believed in it.

April 5, 2009

John in Greece writes:

All countries that believe in Freedom and Democracy MUST contribute to this humanitarian mission in Afghanistan. It's a "global effort" with an extremely important message.

If everything works OK in Afghanistan, the global message will be clear: "Things can become better if we 'fight' united for a better future. We (West) have to prove that the Taliban era is gone and all people around the world deserve and can claim a civilized, democratic life. A better life than the they used to have!".

Some people say that "it's their choice" -- I mean the kind of "governing" they used to have. It's not! A blind man (especially a terrified one) cannot see, unless you guide him. And this is exactly our role: bring sunshine back to their black souls.

All of which means: END OF TERRORISM, FREEDOM, EDUCATION, HELP, STABILITY, by making these DREAMS of the poor Afghan people for a new civilized world come true.

I am not the one to judge the President's work, but I think he is doing a GREAT JOB (The Administration too).

NATO countries -- I'd say all countries believing in Democracy, no matter if they are NATO members or not -- MUST help this global effort by providing military support, or any other assistance.

California, USA
April 5, 2009

Wendy in California writes:

This was a wonderful event using the new politics in a smart power way. Smart to engage the young for whom and with whom we are trying to heal the wounded but valiant world.

Maryland, USA
April 5, 2009

Patrick in Maryland writes:

Hi, Netizens

I liked what President Obama said about us all working together to fix the Problems of the World. I watched his Town Hall Event on tv, i think he had a lot of good answers to the questions they asked him.

It's good to see France's President and the Obamas got along so well.

I also liked what Palgye is South Korea wrote, nice to hear it's not Obama's fault for the crisis where in.

...Cya.. peoples later and :)

Florida, USA
April 5, 2009

Susan in Florida writes:

@ John in Greece Your comments were well said. I agree with you. All countries, whether NATO or not, must join us to make Afghanistan a secure, safe nation. How can this be debatable? How can any American who experienced 9/11 consider any other approach? And, I too, think President Obama is doing a good job. He was certainly handed a complex group of problems. I admire his calm and "can do" attitude. I still have hope. We as a country, we as a people, must not give up. The world depends on us.

Syrian P.
April 6, 2009

SNP in Syria writes:

Why not call the country correctly for what really it is, Not Afghanistan, but Pipelanistan, Opiumstan... The CIA has long pulled its Alqaida mercenaries and sent them to Pakistan for more lucrative and worthwhile ops.

April 7, 2009

Solomon in Madagascar writes:

Mr president of the State of USA, Mm secretary Clinton, and the all commadeur of Army USA

Mr president us work for peaces are walking good and the world already accept us Peaces World but we need ansembly us Unit on politic and defence and diplomacie use for we can confurme us force for war on terrorism and for deliver us true peaces and democracy in the world.

because the us enemy terrorism have coperation on funds terrorism and section terrorism use he for sabotage us corespondece defence of peace and there is have point strategy for construict armement nuclear use for he to kill many people not victim and to destroy the world and for ravage the constutution and liberty and the all moment for development and peace use he for iself the country not develoment in the World.

Mr president of the USA to be the peace world need your suport and your help on buidget and material of comuniction for waranty security defence inn the world and use for contunie and confurme us work war on terrorism.

And I hope you are not change your deceide for execution your promise for support and help me and my acompany for realize us project presidential in date election legale

Mr president I confidence your and usa defence and country. You are the fund and base on peace for development a long time ago the world and for protect the democracy and rigth of man in the five contunent. To be I have ask of support and help on Buidget for renforcement and confurme us all project for realize peace and need for development of usa and in the world. on every time we need ready for launch us atack on hard war and for premier testing us US009 high startegy of war for finish us work war on terrorism and deliver us true peaces and democracy in the world.

we atack on neine(09h) times we never lost a war on terrorism we never postponed for momment of democracy and peace and right of man we are the hope and future for generation people in the world on development and libert
Mr president I confidence you when I'm not send message eache monday after 24h your not wait my give order for launch us atack wich US009 high starategy of war for revenge me and for deliver us true peaces in the world. I'm on time building us paln for against the all problem on economic in USA and for we can participle on defit Interantional on Economic.
we need open coperation defence in the Mexico for confurme us negotiation of war.

Thank very much
the God us protege.
Your coperation


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