U.S., U.K. Prepare for Meeting of G-20 Nations

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April 2, 2009
President Obama and Prime Minister Brown

Yesterday, President Obama held a press conference with Prime Minister Brown at the Foreign and Commonwealth Building in London. President Obama said:"All of us owe Prime Minister Brown an extraordinary debt of gratitude for his preparations in what I believe will be a historic and essential meeting of the G-20 nations. ... Both of us greatly value the special relationship between our nations. The United States and the United Kingdom have stood together through thick and thin, through war and peace, through hard times and prosperity -- and we've always emerged stronger by standing together. ... And I know that we both believe that the relationship between our two countries is more than just an alliance of interests; it's a kinship of ideals and it must be constantly renewed."

Read President Obama's remarks here.



Florida, USA
April 2, 2009

George in Florida writes:

Mr. President, Madame Secretary;

We in our Family here in South Tampa, Florida understand the good work your both doing and truly understand the speed that your both working. We appreciate the speed, versus the last eight years of a total lack of any. We wish you both the very best, and safe travels.

Best regards, George and Family

United States
April 7, 2009

Irish in U.S.A. writes:

Am I the only one wondering why the State Department threw President Obama under the bus at the G-20 summit? Why did not the protocol officer tell the President not to bow before Saudi King Abdullah?

If you have not seen the photo or video of this embarrassment you can see and watch it here:

Doesn't the State Department have a responsiblity to inform the President that the leader of the free world does not bow before the Saudi King. I deeply offended by this.


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