Young Europeans React to Secretary Clinton's Visit

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March 13, 2009

Young European leaders share their thoughts following Secretary Clinton's remarks with European Parliament President Hans-Gert Pöttering in Brussels.Related Entry:"Secretary Clinton Engages Young Europeans in Town Hall Meeting" by Dana Francis, the Political and Refugee Affairs Officer at the U.S. Mission to the European Union.PARTICIPANT: My name is Michael Geary. I’m from Ireland. I’m working in the European Council. And as a (inaudible), it’s probably – will be the highlight of our five months here in Brussels. And so, yes, we’re looking forward to it. She has this megawatt star quality. And hopefully, we’ll, you know, experience some of that here today.

PARTICIPANT: And I expect the performance, as always, strong statements and a clear view of where the U.S. is going.

PARTICIPANT: I thought it was a wonderful event today. I believe it was the highest – one of the highest officials to visit the European parliament since 1985, since Ronald Reagan, so it’s wonderful to see her here today.

PARTICIPANT: The main thing that I got from it was just to see the strengthening of the EU-U.S. relationship. I mean, just the fact that she was here full stop shows that.

PARTICIPANT: I can describe with one word: inspirational. It was really incredible to see her and also to feel the spirit of dialogue, the openness that she was here to listen and to have ideas, and to get reaction from the young people. And also it was a recognition for the role the European parliament plays as a democratic institution in Europe.

PARTICIPANT: Well, it’s very encouraging today what she said on the environment and climate change, the fact that that’s still top of her agenda, even though there’s the economic crisis going on.

PARTICIPANT: This kind of event should be – happen often, more often, also in the States and also in Europe – young people and politicians talking about problems. I think this is the best option to try to approach politicians and young people.

PARTICIPANT: I think the world is a safer place with Hillary Clinton as the Secretary of State. That’s one positive aspect. And I think the town hall-style events, while they work great in America, are also working quite well here because people want to get engaged.

PARTICIPANT: Well, there was opportunity for interaction. This is a American type of doing politics that the European politicians could learn from. I think she was particularly articulate on democracy, as well as the issue that is very important and dear to Europeans, especially ahead of the parliamentary elections in June and with the new commission and all of the struggles we have in Europe.

PARTICIPANT: I was really surprised by the one – I didn’t expect too much of an answer to the question that I posed, because most people would say, yes, the EU is complex, you know, we try and deal with it and move on. But actually, she brought it right to the point that we need not to get caught up in the process. She really reengaged and reconfirmed the kind of transatlantic link that I thought which was very, very important at this time.

PARTICIPANT: I think she’s an excellent Secretary of State and will do great things for our country and for the rest of the world.



New Jersey, USA
March 13, 2009

Rosemary in New Jersey writes:

" She has this megawatt star quality."
- Michael Geary, Ireland

I agree, Michael.

Hillary, they love you, but we are the lucky ones. You are ours, and we are keeping you.

California, USA
March 14, 2009

Wendy in California writes:

These town hall meetings do foster "the spirit of dialogue," as one young woman put it. Respect & dialogue. Dialogue & respect. There is no solvent more compelling than the elixir of those two joined. Dialogue is respect made manifest.

Everyone who participates in these events becomes a micro-ambassador for respect & dialogue. They all tell their families and friends and colleagues that "they were there.' This multiplies respect & dialogue way past the immediate folk who are there. Wonderfull.

Connecticut, USA
March 14, 2009

Terry in Connecticut writes:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is going to be a great asset to President Obama on foriegn policy. With the possible exception of President Obama, Secretary Clinton is the most famous name in the current Administration around the World.

Pennsylvania, USA
March 15, 2009

Helen in Pennsylvania writes:

It is so good to see all the good work that Secretary Clinton is doing all over the world. I enjoy seeing Secretary Clinton with all the world leaders and I also love how she is meeting the "little people" in all of these different parts of the world in little town hall type settings. I am so proud of Secretary Clinton.

Arkansas, USA
March 15, 2009

Karen in Arkansas writes:

Hillary is so smart, compassionate, and she works her heart out! She seeks solutions to problems through a very multifaceted approach. She thinks in very complicated, circumspect terms, and we are fortunate to have her in this role. She is a great public servant, and I look forward to more allies for the U.S. with Hillary leading the way.

Maryland, USA
March 16, 2009

Patrick in Maryland writes:

Hello,My Friends at the State Department and Netzens online.

I watched the video of the Town hall and is was very engaging. :) I thought President Hans-Gert Pottering, made some good points. Especialy about problems to big for one Country to solve, his right.

It's Good to Hear Russia is with us on the P5+1, which means they don't want Iran Getting weapons of mass- Distruction. I know we are re-Energizing Russian talks, because we gave them the "Reset Button" with the "Overload" spare Button. :)

There were a lot of Great Questions asked at the "European Next Generation Town Hall". I think every one had good thoughts,about European Leaders working with Young people, and countries in Cultural Exchanges.

Have A great New Week,Keep up the good Work.

Cya :)

South Korea
March 18, 2009

Palgye in Korea writes:

Dear to Secretary
(if, want to erase my words, i do immediatly)

Young, yes, it`s good words.

it`s need experience. yes, experience is adding to this
becomes the best.

in my think, it`s high time, Sec`s experience do some rolls in this government. they are good. but, they never
deceive people and never barter their`s moral to money.
(i see the AIG`s bonus article. i think all are not bad but some are.if,this govern neglect this "crime". ........
Dam`s ruin begins at small a break)

yes, it`s over charge of Sec. and others are think displeasure involve of Sec. but, supporter are pitching now. in my think.

it`s very rude. if, you were said, quit now. i do.
(just personnel opinion. if, down to support ratio reach to (close) 40%, dangerous. i think, Secretary, we only rely on
supporter`s support.......................................
others are wait our`s mistake.
-add to one more. people`s mind looks like a reed. they are shaking to wind`s moving. or, someone`s shaking.

just my thinking. from a supporter (?)


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