Secretary Clinton Departs for Middle East, Europe

Posted by Robert Wood
March 1, 2009
Interactive Travel Map

Interactive Travel Map | Text the SecretaryAbout the Author: Robert Wood serves as Acting Department Spokesman and Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs.

The Secretary’s plane is taxing down the runway en route to Egypt. My colleagues are reading briefing papers, listening to iPods and catching a few hours of sleep. Many of us haven’t fully unpacked from travel to Asia last week, but the purpose of this trip has kept the team’s energy levels high.

In Egypt, the Secretary will participate in the Gaza donor’s conference being held in Sharm el-Sheikh. Leaders from around the world will assemble at the conference to address the immediate humanitarian concerns in the Gaza Strip. Addressing the pressing needs in Gaza is important to the United States. We also want to move forward the comprehensive Arab-Israeli peace that President Obama spoke about when he and Secretary Clinton named Senator Mitchell as Special Envoy for Middle East Peace. After visiting Egypt, Secretary Clinton will visit Israel and the Palestinian territories.

Later in the week, the Secretary will travel to Brussels, where she will meet with NATO and EU foreign ministers. She’ll then go to Ankara, where she’ll meet with senior Turkish officials. Along the way, you will be hearing from State Department employees who have worked on various aspects of the Secretary’s trip.

Many of you are accustomed to following the Secretary’s travels here on DipNote. This time, you may also follow her travels via a new interactive map on featuring the Secretary’s latest video, photos, and remarks. As you follow along, feel free to text the Secretary questions about her travel. We look forward to hearing from you.



Syrian P.
March 1, 2009

SNP in Syria writes:

It is turn for Gazzan to get lucky with someone else cash, neat International NWO system, Americans work hard for the money and Sec. Clinton gives it to the Gazzan so they get the opportunity to spend few years sucking the Hookah pipe, get to learn how to fire Kassam firecrackers for fun. For many Americans they are not aware that they too had a doner s conference few months ago to help the U.S. Government get out of the cash crunch, few conferences in fact, although it was discreetly held. Unfortunately, just like Americans did not get a dime of the cash donated by Arabs, all gone to bailout the bankers 3 billion bonus checks, Gazzan will not see a dime of the cash either. It shall all ends up invested in Downtown London Financial District, just as Arafat taught them. Now you know why Palestinians still lives in shacks and their economy is one hundredth of Tijuana City economy.

Cocktail Parties will no do, LEADERSHIP DOES IT.

New Jersey, USA
March 1, 2009

Rosemary in New Jersey writes:

@ Robert, how nice to hear from you! I see your daily briefings at the State Department website, so I feel like I know you. The interactive map is great. I wish everyone aboard the best on this important trip.

You said some folks were sleeping and others were listening to ipods. I bet, when you wrote that, that Hillary was among those reading briefing papers. I know she does her homework. She always gets an A+ from me.

California, USA
March 1, 2009

Wendy in California writes:

Dear Mr. Wood,

Following the State Team on Dipnote has taught me so much already. I'm very glad to see that the map has both the names in the way that the home country would put them as well as the English. I've begun to refer to EarthVuravuraJeegoo so that I'm not so Englishcentric. (I adore English, a fabulous pirate language which stole the needed words & sentiments from all over -- a source of its strength & versatility, but I think also respecting the strengths of others is essential to the new collaborative power that we're all sharing on EarthVuravuraJeegoo.)

I know that drinking lots of water is the best thing for jetlag, but do you all who travel so much have any other tips? Safe journey, safe return.

Connecticut, USA
March 1, 2009

Terry in Connecticut writes:

Thanks Secretary Robert Woods for the update. I watch your State Dept briefings every day on this website. I am becoming a great follower of our foriegn policy now that Hillary is our Secretary of State. I hope Secretary Clinton stays a BIG player in national security and foriegn relations along with Defense Secretary Gates and National Security Advisor Jones.

California, USA
March 2, 2009

Nancy in California writes:

I LOVE this interactive Map, what a great idea. It would be fun to download it to my facebook page, but I don't know how.

Oregon, USA
March 2, 2009

Dennis in Oregon writes:

Good Luck! Do us proud.

California, USA
March 2, 2009

Jonathan in California writes:

I love the interactive map! This sort of web 2.0 and hi-tech social media is great! Keep it up! Thanks!

March 2, 2009

C. in Israel writes:

Mrs. Hillary Klinton, you can't solve the problems in your own country. How can you judge about a region that you don't know at all, and about the people whose mentality and psychology you absolutely don't understand?! Or that's by the principle -- above all, to say something?!

March 2, 2009

Solomon in Madagascar writes:

Mr Obama president of the United States of the USA and secretary Clinton

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Mr Obama president of the USA ,on time your send in election presidential in USA ,I'm have many responsability for help and suport you and your democrate on corespondece in all state of america use for you earning the winn, because I'm and my all project acomapany and have base of the Democracy.

Thank very much
The God us protege
Your coperation

New Hampshire, USA
March 2, 2009

Thomas in New Hampshire writes:

looking rorward to hearing about constructivde progress on Gaza issues.

March 6, 2009

Tiforn in Germany writes:

Dear all,

I really like DipNote, its a great peace of work. Well done!

My special interest belongs to the new "Interactive Map". Just great! Can you provide the code to me so I can add it to my blog ""?

Many thanks.

DipNote Bloggers write: Thanks for the comments on DipNote and the new interactive map. The current version of the map isn't embeddable, but we'll let you know if future versions provide that option,


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