Human Rights Reports: Three Main Trends

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February 25, 2009

Secretary's Remarks

Today, the U.S. Department of State released the Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2008. These congressionally mandated reports describe the performance of governments across the globe in putting into practice their international commitments on human rights. Last year was characterized by three trends: a growing worldwide demand for greater personal and political freedom, governmental efforts to push back on those freedoms, and further confirmation that human rights flourish best in participatory democracies with vibrant civil societies.

You may read the individual country reports as well as an overview of why and how the reports are prepared.



California, USA
February 25, 2009

Brian in California writes:

Again, Secretary Clinton shows her grace and her utmost dedication to this international crisis of human rights for all human beings; that all humans are entitled to this GOD given right. I pledge my faith to Secretary Clinton. Thank you for your commitment madame Secretary!

Syrian P.
March 6, 2009

SNP in Syria writes:

There is an unfortunate inadvertent error in this report. Syria, Islamic Republic of Iran and North Korea (DPRK) are listed. Please correct this oversight.

FYI, the god sent leader is infallible and that is a proven fact, look at how North Korea progress ahead of all nations in Asia, so as the Supreme Mullah in Iran, did you pay attention to that rudimentary firecracker launched to orbit last month, this grand task requires so much knowledge, only a freshmen at Cal Tech could possess. As to Syria, it is a government from the people to for the people (peasant and worker) others according to Baath party are not really people, they are IKTAI, SUHYOONI, RAASMALI, INTIHAZI, IMPERIALI and the worst, AGENT OF AMERICA (Agent of the Great Satan for the Mullahs).

Not sure why the Ayatollah and Assad are begging for America direct talks when the above is all what you hear and read in the local media and any local that even dares to talk to America directly is jailed, put on trial for treasonous acts and worse. It is a bit confusing for local citizens.

February 26, 2009

Genti in Albania writes:

I want to say 'thank you' to State Department and specially to Miss. Clinton for helping Albanian people in these hard days. We hope that changes arrive in Albania as soon as possible.

Best wishes,


February 26, 2009

Justin writes:

We need to get to a state of compassion for everyone. Not just Americans,but everyone. This is a good start.

New York, USA
February 26, 2009

Patricia in New York writes:

Re: Human Rights Report Overview and Acknowledgement and the Section: How Reports Are Prepared - Paragra,ph #6 - the word "disability" was omitted in discussion to, "without discrimination of race, religion, national origin, or sex", why the oversight?

Tennessee, USA
February 26, 2009

Joe in Tennessee writes:

BEIJING, Feb 26 (Reuters) - China denounced on Thursday U.S. criticism of its human rights record in an annual tit-for-tat exchange, saying the United States should put its own house in order first.

While this does have some viable reality, we must also recognize time lines and the gains in some countries, as China, Russia and the Middle East.

In less than two decades China has given more freedoms in Religion, work, independent enterprise then we have with equality within our framework. Russia has done the same. In the Middle East a female, HE Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi, is the UAE Foreign Trade Minister...things are changing as money and communications between cultures interchange. It is the productive result of Free Trade.

False governments will not be able to keep their people from human rights in the near future unless they suppress them fiscally. If they do that, they will not be able to grow and continue in turmoil.

Part of being American is the immediate gratification we have all grown to expect. Even now, with the economic situation, the hardest hurdle is the time it will take to correct it all. It is the same with the rest of the world. They will change and governments adapt out of necessity, given time. Even with Russia, the Nationalistic protectionism method will continue to see more human rights than the cold war era?which was not that long ago in actuality.

When the world fiscal system is developed properly, all peoples will reap the rewards of more productive lives and freedoms.

Win the respect of the many....

February 26, 2009

Andrea writes:

Madame secretary clinton you are doing a great job !!!!!!!!!!!!

February 27, 2009

Hanno in Finland writes:

I fully appreciate the U.S.A. effort to point issues but as asked and said during your press conference, I am surprised about the logic to what is more important compare to other issues.
On one hand you need not to offend people for you can't change a situation when you do not have the ear of the people in charge.

On the other hand, public statements have the upper hand and are loudly heard by all people as the policy that is dominant.

Souleymane S.
February 27, 2009

Souleymane in Senegal writes:

I think that apart Iran, Afghanistan and China which should be top priorities for the newly elected american authorities to set up a new world order basen on human rights respects and democracy, there is a need to consider the African continent in general which is growing into a no man's land and a sanctuary for radical terrorism and extremism let alone a fertile ground for drug-trafficking. Curbing this trend might help to better secure Human rights in our mainland

United States
February 27, 2009

Joseph in U.S.A. writes:

How can you criticse human rights when you allow the murdering of the unborn through U.S. programmes?

South Korea
February 28, 2009

Herold in South Korea writes:

We'd better expand G-20 World Market than regulate it. In fact, American Domestic Bubbles will be perished in this year, then We surely will be needed New FTA markets than perishing market.

February 28, 2009

Jason in China writes:

Huam n rights me rights of a woman to choose.

March 1, 2009

Andrea in Bolivia writes:


DipNote Blogger Luke Forgerson writes:

@ Andrea in Bolivia -- you may read the 2008 Human Rights Report for Bolivia here.

United Kingdom
March 1, 2009

Raja in the United Kingdom writes:

Now the U.S. goverment knows how Sri Lankan Goverment rule Tamils and how they kills & wipeouts Tamils.

But they won't do anything to stop genocide of Tamils

I'm requesting whole world to STOP GENOCIDE OF TAMILS IN SRI LANKA.

Alaska, USA
March 1, 2009

Lawrence in Alaska writes:

Beijing's conditions were that the U.S. will not raise tariffs against Chinese products and that Washington will desist from lambasting China's policy toward dissidents, Tibet and Xinjiang. Clinton signaled Washington's acceptance of these terms when she told reporters on her last day in China that human rights issues "will not interfere with" the more important agenda of cooperation with China on fronts such as finance, trade and the environment.

It appears the U.S. is not serious about human rights in PRC. This policy will ratify to CCP no changes need be contemplated.

March 2, 2009

Tirusew in Ethiopia writes:

please show us the humanitarian status in ethiopia and the side of washington

Kenneth T.
March 8, 2009

Kenneth in Canada writes:

I think that someone is having us all on, when their Human Rights agenda is selective. Why is it that that the U.S. attempts to throw dust in the eyes of people? The U.S. condemned the Republiek van Suid Afrika because of its APARTHEID, yet overlooks many countries that are far worse. why? Almost every Muslim country violates Human Rights, by denying religious freedoms, yet no action has been taken against them by the U.S. Perhaps the U.S. government should explain to the world its reasons for this Double Standard.

Of course, Canada this U.S's. next door neighbour permits Human Rights violations within its own borders in the province of Quebec. Mind you Canada demanded sanctions against South Africa because of its APARTHEID, yet sees nothing wrong with Canadien APARTHEID being practiced in QUEBEC.

If the U.S. is going to deal with issues such as Human Rights violations then be fair and condemn all who violate Human Rights, not just a few, and avoid condemning those that are considered friends or allies. In justice there are no friends or enemies, only the law must prevail.

By the way, I have been a guest speaker on American Voice Radio and have been on it for close to three years. I do not hold back on any issue, because I consider myself a straight shooter. So if you people want to see a better world, pull up your socks and go to it. I hope the Obama administration will change things for the better, because the world sorely needs people who will make things happen that will lead to a new DAWN of hope and prosperity.

By the way, I am also into international politics and journalism.

Massachusetts, USA
March 24, 2009

Stacy in Massachusetts writes:

I applaud the Secretary for coming out and issuing the findings in this report but it only underscores why the U.S. must continue to put diplomatic pressure on countries like China, when it comes to human rights. We can work together with the Chinese on economic issues while also staying true to our principles of liberty, freedom and justice.

In addition, one can't separate economics from human rights -- China's use of child/slave labor, their lack of environmental regulations, lack of food and product safety regulations and safeguards and keeping the people of Tibet in a state of perpetual discrimination and poverty, all impact the U.S. economy in a very real way, which is why I was somewhat disappointed when Secretary Clinton remarked that controversial issues like human rights should not get in the way of moving forward with our economic alliance with China.

Hillary Clinton always took the lead on these issues -- I just hope that as Secretary of State she continues to do so in a very tangible way.

Moraima F.
Puerto Rico
June 8, 2009

Moraima in Puerto Rico writes:

To & From Air Force One & Think Tank:

Foreign Affairs Treatises and International Trade Agreements Ammendments are due to enforce democratic idiosincratitic profitable capitalizations on a global laizzes-faire modalite.

The investments of the IMF's, the Securitization on the World Bank's and the M& A of the Corporate Financial Sector of PR and the US must achieve an International Consolidated Income Statement Corporate agreement for the Actual Current State of Affarirs in Foreign and International ROI per Capital Corp % of CMA's / GOP on R.E.I.T's /%CI%. The democratic factor will foremost promote Human Rights leveraging for agreements and civil liberties, as infrastructure and viabilizations on Human Capital, and its reliability factors within Human Capital Investments as per Assets.; (and its subsequent International U.S. Federal Taxation as per UCC Code & International U.S. Federal Taxation UCC Code.)


New Jersey, USA
May 11, 2009

Sanj in New Jersey writes:

Innocent people of all ages are dying from starvation, lack of medical treatment and from fierce shelling in Sri Lanka. PEOPLE ARE DYING. There are so many crimes taking place in a confined space. Women are being raped and killed. The United States is standing by and watching the Sri Lankan government kill thousands of innocent Tamils in the name of fighting a war on terror. There is NO HUMAN RIGHTS at present. What is the U.S. government doing? What is the UN doing? What are the world leaders doing? Just looking for now it seems. Waiting for more innocent people to die?

New York, USA
June 20, 2009

Ron in New York writes:

Real-Time Revolution: IRAN

Thousands cry out for Freedom, Justice, and Democracy, while Mullahs Marauders shoot women on the streets and state heliocopters may be pouring acid onto demonstrators on the ground.

The Revolution will be HDTV.


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