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Posted by David Nelson
January 27, 2009

About the Author: David Nelson serves as Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Economic, Energy and Business Affairs.Video Text

I am fortunate this week to be missing the snow back in Washington, as I lead the U.S. delegation to the High Level Meeting on Food Security for All held in Madrid, Spain, Jan. 26-27. I am even more fortunate to be working on a critically important issue that makes a real difference in people’s lives around the world.

On Monday, I had the honor to be joined “virtually” here in Madrid by our new Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. In a videotaped message to attendees, which you may also view in the player above, she stressed that the United States is committed to building a new partnership among donor states, developing nations, UN agencies, NGO’s, the private sector and others to better coordinate our policies on food security. Numerous delegations sought me out to express appreciation for the video, both for its content and for the concrete demonstration of how important this issue is to the U.S. government.

As Secretary Clinton made clear in her remarks, food security is critically important; alleviating hunger worldwide is a top priority of this Administration. Food insecurity and high food prices threaten the prosperity and security of many developing countries.

With the complex global challenges we share in this new century, we need the collaboration and coordination among nations that is evident at this meeting. The session was convened by the Government of Spain, and it has brought together a broad range of committed stakeholders and Ministers from more than 126 countries.

At this meeting, there are people from national governments, civil society, trade unions, private sector, academia, donor agencies and multilateral organizations. It’s rewarding to be a part of this diverse group, all working together to review progress achieved since the High-Level Conference on World Food Security in Rome in June of last year, to agree on ways to move forward quickly, and to establish mechanisms for better coordination.

I’m confident we are making important steps in our efforts toward furthering global efforts to find a long term solution to hunger. When I get back to Washington, I look forward to continuing to advance our work to decrease hunger and food insecurity.

And who knows, maybe the snow will have melted by the time my plane touches down.



New Mexico, USA
February 17, 2009

Eric in New Mexico writes:

@ Zharkov, I'm truly concerned about your reading comprehention abilities, as there is nothing safe in this world. "safe"...? Safety is relative to actual threat posed in any circumstance you may find yourself in.

If you want safety in your life Z, I suggest you stay in your house, lock your door and don't come out for any reason.

And even then a gas leak could kill you...

Drink too much water...your existance ends, I mean to say that obviously what you read has made you act like "chicken little", and how easy it is to manipulate you is a wonder to observe.

Lot of fear mongering in this world of ours, money to be made by authors of fear-based thinking. It's your choice to be victim of fear mongering or not. And mine to not succumb to it.

Just so you understand this IS the end of the discussion; until you stop acting like a first class clown on Dipnote, I have nothing further to say to you, except that I hope you didn't get your American history lessons in the public school system....(chuckle), for then you'd become the poster boy for the "de-evolution" of America, as you recently suggested is happening, on another thread.

I got to hand it to you though, I've rarely seen a finer example of revisionist history in print than your speculation on "colonial power"...again on another thread.

Such a misdirected waste of time and talent on your part which in the end will never produce anything of worth is very sad in my opinion, and I just don't have the time to waste on you, life is altogether way too short as it is on a personal level.

If I post comment, it won't concern you or what you have to say, so don't direct comment to me in any form directly or indirectly, and now consider this official notice to you that I will not tolerate harrasment of any type, period.

You are now cut off from having any further communications with me. And I expect you to honor this simple request to ignore my posts as well.

If you persist, I'm sure the Dipnote Staff can handle your malfunction of understanding this message to you effectively and permanently upon further violation of rules of discussion on your part.

United States
February 17, 2009

Zharkov in U.S.A. writes:

@ John in Greece -- I was limiting my discussion to the topic of ongoing human experiment with our American population, but to set you right on my views, I will say that you are wrong on almost every allegation.

I would not close EVERY military base around the world, but I would close the ones that are simply place-holders for us that drain the treasury. Mr. Rumsfeld did this once already and you did not accuse him of Orwellianism, but it is time to do it again. We don't need to have American bases in NATO-Member nations -- Europeans can build their own bases and pay for them.

Russia would like to have Alaska but it belongs to us and we paid for it, and I think we are going to keep it along with California, a state which does a bad imitation of the former Soviet Union.

Texas belongs to Texans and is not a colony of our federal government, contrary to outward appearances.

Guantanamo is part of Cuba, despite what you might believe; we only lease it, but Fidel long ago demanded it back and he is reported to be tossing our lease payment checks into a desk drawer, never to be cashed. Do we really need Guantanamo for our defense? Can't we use Florida? If the landlord wants his land back, I would not hesitate to relinquish it to him, because it belongs to Cuba, not America. Like any other tenant, if we are asked to leave, we should cease paying rent and leave.

As for the rest of your claims, it is an ancient principle of English common law that land belongs to those with the power to defend it. If the Indians had atomic weapons, they could claim it, but they don't and we do, so it is ours. The same goes for Iraq and Afghanistan, which should be ours because America's youth died there in military action. I think that when we shed blood for land, we should keep the land, as we had always done before 1900. If you don't want to lose your country, then don't attack us. A great philosophy that has long been abandoned.

What you fail mention is that the Trilateral Commission, an exclusive club of about 85 members, now has taken over the federal government, with most cabinet positions and top department positions occupied by Trilaterals (17 members so far out of 85 run our government). They are the ones doing the Orwell imitation, not me. They advocated the craziness happening today, not me. Many, if not most, of them are part of the secretive Builderberg, whose agenda at their meeting in Ottawa was to pop the mortgage bubble, and they did.

If you are looking for conspiracies, you would start with them, not with me. I don't have any urge to control my fellow citizens. The cameras on street corners are not mine; the NSA wiretapping of global communications is not my idea. The terrorists in Afghanistan worked for our government because Al-Qaida was created by CIA to fight Russians, also not my idea. The only terrorists I would encounter just happen to work for our government.

What you do not understand, John, is that the federal government was created by our states, and it is supposed to serve the people, and not control their lives with regulations, taxation, and obligations. The federal government is answerable to the states, and to the people, and not the other way around.

Get a book on American history or constitutional law sometime and you will more clearly understand the principles involved, and then read some books about Builderberg and become acquainted with the world's "shadow government", the people who pull your strings.



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