Office of Children’s Issues Launches Intercountry Adoption Website

Posted by Ryan Palsrok
December 4, 2008
Adoption Website Homepage

About the Author: Ryan Palsrok serves as the Public Outreach Coordinator in the Office of Children’s Issues.

In recognition of National Adoption Month, the Bureau of Consular Affairs’ Office of Children’s Issues recently launched a new website devoted exclusively to intercountry adoption. The website,, includes step-by-step instructions for adopting from another country, interactive adoption statistics, and a new publication for adopting parents called “Intercountry Adoption From A-Z.”

In the last five years, Americans have adopted over 100,000 children from abroad. Last year, we saw over 17,400 intercountry adoptions to the United States. However, the process of adopting a child from another country can be difficult. That’s where the new website comes in. We hope that will provide adopting parents with the answers they need.

One of the primary challenges in creating the site was the diversity of our audience. On the one hand, we wanted to provide adopting parents (both in the U.S. and overseas) information about the adoption process. This required plain language explanations to complex legal processes. On the other hand, we aimed to offer more technical, legal information to adoption attorneys and agencies who apply for Federal accreditation. Another challenge was to create a warm, inviting design that reflects the importance of adoption to the Department of State.

How’d we do? Will the site be useful to adopting parents? Is the information easy to find? What else could be added to the site? We welcome your suggestions.



December 10, 2008

Lee writes:

Great Job People!


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