Doha Conference Renews Commitment to Monterrey Principles

Posted by Brian H. Hook
December 2, 2008
Administrator Fore and Assistant Secretary Hook at Doha Conference

About the Author: Brian H. Hook serves as Assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations Affairs.

The UN Review Conference on Financing for Development closed today in Doha. We adopted an outcome statement reaffirming the Monterrey Consensus and calling for a renewed commitment to its principles. The U.S. delegation and many others worked long into the night during the conference to reach agreement on what turned out to be an 85-paragraph statement.

The outcome statement is important for a number of reasons, but perhaps most important in my view because it clearly endorses the actions taken since Monterrey as the right path to improved development results. For decades before Monterrey, the old foreign aid paradigm focused solely on donor responsibility to provide aid. This sort of top-down approach did little to advance global development, and too often it created recipient dependence, undermined private enterprise, and suppressed entrepreneurial initiative.

At Monterrey, President Bush led an effort to launch a new paradigm, where primary responsibility for growth and development rests with the developing countries, with developed countries committed to not only increasing development assistance, but also expanding trade linkages, investment, and other private resource flows.

As I noted in my previous post, the United States has led the way in making this new paradigm a reality, and this conference acknowledged the significant development progress triggered by this paradigm. As we leave Doha, there should be no doubt that the United States will remain the world leader in advancing global development consistent with the Monterrey principles, even in these times of economic difficulty.



Syrian P.
December 2, 2008

SNP in Syria writes:

Well, thank you Ambassador for adopting a statement. That was well worth all the effort for sure. Now where do we go from here to stop the debt clocks of many nations, companies and people from acting like the clock hanging in Mini Mouse bedroom? Would that incredibly effective statement addresses the 570 trillions of troubled derivatives that are crashing the worlds markets? Would the people of Syria can now afford Tomato and maintain a Forex reserves in Syria rather than U.K. banks. Will Ahmadinejad and Larjani finds something in this Statement, a one liner perhaps, that they can run the nearest open loud speaker to go on bragging about Hubalian (Islamic) Iranian System Magi Savior that saved this miniscule sum of 80 Billion Dollars in Forex reserves (about what an average rich American have is his dresser drawer) money luckily for poor Iranians were saved after a decade of plundering and ravaging Iranians wealth and oil exports at the highest possible prices. We all want to know if this incredible, outstanding accomplishment -- A Statement -- will change mans collusion course with destiny with -- with, with --forget it, don't want to be censored.

New York, USA
December 3, 2008

Ron in New York writes:

Doha?.....Duh! Turn out the lights when you leave.


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