What Is the Most Effective Way To Encourage Democracy Within Repressive Regimes?

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October 24, 2008
Demonstration for Aung San Suu Kyi

October 24, 2008, marks the 13th anniversary of Aung San Suu Kyi's house arrest. She is one of more than 2,000 political prisoners in Burma. Throughout her arrest, she has served as a symbol of non-violent struggle for democracy and human rights and an inspiration to those seeking a peaceful, democratic Burma.

What is the most effective way to encourage democracy within repressive regimes?



Massachusetts, USA
October 24, 2008

Alex in Massachusetts writes:

Talking to them, but also to their people. Many gov'ts may be anti-American or anti-democracy, but those feelings may not reflect the feelings of people as a whole. We also need to show that we support democracies, even if they are not our friends. The election of Hamas could have been a watershed moment where we showed the world that we value democratic representation no matter what.

New Mexico, USA
October 25, 2008

Eric in New Mexico writes:

What is the most effective way to encourage democracy within repressive regimes?

In practicality: Regime replacement therapy.

Otherwise people have to suffer longer than needed.

minn z.
October 25, 2008

Minn in Burma writes:

first: enlighten them

second:encourage them

October 25, 2008

Humphrey in Nigeria writes:

Democratic process grows better in a peaceful atmospher, the process of ensuring that peace rain in an already complex conflict situation should be the best methode of encouraging democracy. And there is this stronge detemination that could be an inner habite that an indidual or group could play towards this peace making. And if pople playing such roles are identified and encourage democracy will be sustained.

New Mexico, USA
October 25, 2008

Eric in New Mexico writes:

Minn in Burma writes: "first: enlighten them, second:encourage them "

Indeed, this follows right in line with "regime replacement therapy" as the most effective path.

First you enlighten tyrants that they are an anacronism from the last century, and second you encourage them to take an early retirement...


I'm sure freedom loving people will find creative ways...

Luke G.
United States
October 25, 2008

Luke in New England writes:

People have a natural desire for democracy but see their government as an giant barrier to that dream.

There are many things we can do as individuals to counter-act that mindset, but the only thing we can do as a nation is to try to rescue every single person that speaks up against a dictatorial government.

Soon people will see that the easiest way to get out of the horrible conditions they are in is to lead a protest. This will go a long way toward loosing the dictator's grip.

We can also help the dissidents, who have made it out, to keep the fire burning. Life in exile can be really tough and distract them from the cause of democracy, human rights and the rule of law.

Sarmoye B.
October 28, 2008

Sarmoye in Mali writes:

The most effective way to encourage democracy within repressive regimes is to encourage civil associations building, formation and information. Encouraging the independance of justice and judges.International help directly gave for people and developing culture and arts.Women education and medias development.Repressive regime is permanently afraid and violent;Democratic Nations embassies must offer political asile for freedom fighters within the territory of embassies.

Virginia, USA
October 28, 2008

Donald in Virginia writes:

28 October 08


People in the world need to be shown how a Democracy works. Just like in the early days of school. The people of Burma need outside support. The radio, news broadcasts, any feeds that can enable them to study how a Democracy works would benefit them in the long run.

The biggest headache in the world is how one person seems to think he has God like powers and dictates to his people like farm animals. How sad it is for people to live under such regimes.

This has happened for many years even Kings show the same type of power. One king or queen shouldn't have the power over a country. People of the country should have the ability and the right to vote, all people, all races, and all religions should be allowed the same opportunity! Elected in political jobs that form the Government. People should decide honestly, using many methods to determine who would make the best leader for it's Nation. People shouldn't be afraid to cast a vote. People of all countries around the world should be free from living under Kings and Dictators who pretty much tell them how to live, what religon to abide by, where to go to school. The point is people should have those rights given to them by the people, for the people and it should be the People who in the end decide who will run their country!

The days of kings and queens, along with the old dictators are coming to an end one day... The people of this great world will stand up and the people will have these Democracy rights, Civil Rights and form new Governments that will enrich all people. The days of royalty will be exhausted. People will rise above and succeed to the challenges ahead!

"We the people will decide!!!" We the people will vote!!! We the people will live in Peace and Harmony being Free of Dictatorships and Kingdoms that rule from family blood lines!" We are the People of this great world!!!

God Bless!!!

United States
October 28, 2008

Zharkov in U.S.A. writes:

Non-violent struggle is effective only if tyrants are reasonable men. I suggest reading the American Declaration of Independence for instructions on dealing with oppressive governments.

Tennessee, USA
October 28, 2008

Joe in Tennessee writes:

1. This is redundant questioning is it not? There is no Wardens pond and all we have more than established organizations and sub structures within these major units to deal with oppression. The failure which has occurred worldwide is simply due to non application of the enforcement end, nothing more and nothing less. This is what President Bush was talking about and how the US seems to be the only one with honest capacity for overall rebuilding and protection of new democracies...as well as developing nations.

2. Democracy has not failed; we the people have failed in non support. Where there is productive application, we turn it into political platforms, with or without an election. Development takes time and money, like it or not. The Government has not failed Democracy and the aspect of Greed is a secondary issue when you are trying to stabilize. They are separate issues.

3. Find one country which does more than the USA to support newfound and developing nations and then complain.

How ?
A. Governmental Stabilization.
B. Infrastructure development.
C. Development and co operation with Democratic countries worldwide.
E. Economic independence.
D. Waldens pond: We realize war is a non viable form of existence and we all will prosper from living in peace? but that's not going to happen.

America's problems are not just in America. The factor of Greed is worldwide and the premise for many dictatorships in actuality. Hiding it under a Capitalist name with Democratic Governmental support was never in the Constitution, but it does not have application to the question as WE DO MORE even with our own problems.

This is not indicative of only one party, I mean a Democracy of Representation of the People to do what is best for the people with due dilligence.

Our business of doing business is simply to complex now and reliance on everyone beneath each other maintaining their stewardships and responsibility levels was shown in Hurricane Katrina. That should have been a warning that there were more problems up the line.

This monetary situation has been worldwide and coming for some time.

In fact the upside is that: US currency is now shown to be the most stable in circulation worldwide. Our dollar is still the most stable, we do well, and everyone does well. This is not to mean we are the strongest in solvency of our currency.

This is why I totally fail to see how the Euro can be more valuable than the US currency? our fiscal leverage is offset by viability is it not?

I imagine this is why President Busoni is trying to get Russia into the European Union. Last weeks news...Friday actually.

Then we have trouble....

New York, USA
October 29, 2008

Ron in New York writes:

Support Human Rights Defenders Worldwide.

District Of Columbia, USA
October 31, 2008

Shadowman in Washington, DC writes:

Joe may be correct: China And Russia Hint At Dropping US Dollar: this in 31/05/08 us pm...

Recent meeting after the Oil Line agreement....

Guess the next President will have one hack of a test...

Without a strong Economic America, the question should be:

How can there be a Democratic Freee World?


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