What Is the Forum for the Future?

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October 17, 2008
2009 International Women of Courage Award Recipients: Norma Cruz, Guatemala

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Kent Patton will be attending the Forum for the Future -- a gathering of Middle Eastern, North African and G-8 representatives -- in Abu Dhabi on October 18-19, 2008. Before departing for Abu Dhabi, Mr. Patton spoke with DipNote Managing Editor Luke Forgerson about the Forum and some of the issues leaders will address at this year’s gathering.



Tennessee, USA
October 18, 2008

Joe in Tennessee writes:

1. It has taken this long to figure out STRATIGO games are generally won by coming out of Africa?

2. "Dividing Prosperity Equally. Equally dividing distribution". All quotes. If we do not do that here in America, how can you do it there, unless the objective is simply improvement?

3. Why not create more Nationalistic self dependency, rather than dependent Nations? Are we so afraid of non control or is this a form of created control so Africa and the Middle East do not collectively form their own Power base?

4. The civil aspect would work better if it were a collective effort working WITH and not Apart from Governmental resources. It would be more productive to unify the elements together and pool resources would it not?

5. What are the determining factors regarding Military intervention for growth and stability?

It is like putting more band aids from the outside to keep the world from hemorrhaging at this juncture is it not?

The world economic system of Free Markets needs to be corrected first I should think.

New York, USA
October 21, 2008

Ron in New York writes:

The Forum for the Future should be held at designated Global Crisis locations .....not at UN and/or palacial enclaves...Forums at crisis locales, will bring media attention,and needed resources for conflict resolution. If you want to create real security...extend yours to: We the Peoples....Broaden and Deepen the Charter...Extend the reach of peace and security....Expand the dialogue
to the Forum of the Future.


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