Today's Top Issues -- Friday, May 2

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May 2, 2008
Cooling Tower in North Korea
  1. North Korea To Demolish Tower at Nuclear Site: North Korea agrees to blow up tower at its nuclear facility [Washington Post]
  2. Political Unrest Continues in Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe opposition rejects presidential vote tally [Reuters]
  3. President Bush Orders Higher Sanctions on Burma: Bush signs order to further crackdown on Myanmar [Associated Press]



Tennessee, USA
May 2, 2008

Joe in Tennessee writes:

1. NK: Too late and they have stores of material. This month the six party talks are resuming. South Korea is offering 1.3 billion in relief alone, all in an attempt to dissuade NK from resuming any weapons program. North Korea is in famine now. How could any leader watch his people starve to promote any weapons program, which, given all aspects, would be to no avail defensively. The ideology is completely Offensive in nature, which is why it needs to be eliminated. We can not continue to support the people of North Korea with support if they continue to promote external technology and arms. Why pay or support your enemy or the friends of your enemy? The people of North Korea are the responsibility of their leadership not ours. We have let too many countries like North Korea take advantage of Americas charity. No provisions of aid should even be distributed by the North Korean Government, but by UN or the providing countries of medical supplies to foodstuffs. Why let it look like the leadership who created their problem is solving it? Sorry, I have no trust whatever in North Korean diplomacy or deceptive acts. The fact they moved some of their stores to Syria and elsewhere tells the true tale.

May 3, 2008

John in Greece writes:

I totally agree with Joe.

They exported nuclear technology probably "everywhere" they could (plus Syria).

And now what?

Did they become the good guys?


I would not trust them too.


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