Meeting Elsa

March 7, 2008
Elsa Morejon with President Bush

Reading and listening to stories of true freedom fighters is something that you read about in the history books or hear from someone much older than myself. Stories of people enduring great odds of fighting their own government for injustices against humanity grabs the emotions of many. I had the opportunity to meet one of our present day freedom fighters, Elsa Morejon, in January 2008. Mrs. Morejon is the wife of Cuban dissident and political prisoner Dr. Oscar Biscet, recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and a leader in her own right. Elsa is a humble lady with a desire to free her husband and her country from tyranny. She has raised her children alone but still managed to keep the flame of freedom burning as her husband languishes in prison. Her courage and will is infectious.

Elsa is a member of the Ladies in White, a group of women whose husbands, fathers, brothers or relatives are political prisoners. That group actively seeks to free their relatives through a variety of means inside Cuba as well as through outside NGOs and/or countries. The Lawton Human Rights Foundation, which was founded by her husband, also has an office in Miami. One of the foundation's objectives is to advocate for the freedom of all the political prisoners in Cuba. She actively participates in pro-democracy efforts inside Cuba as well. She is currently in Europe meeting with leaders there to push the need for a transition toward democracy and build support for the release of all political prisoners.

The U.S. government policy has been that to begin a process of genuine change in Cuba, the regime must release all political prisoners and initiate a dialogue with its own citizens about the future of their country. I believe that Elsa and many others in her country want that to happen but the recent selection of Raul Castro as the new President and other hardliners in key positions is not a positive sign for change or for the basic human rights of the Cuban people.



Syrian P.
March 10, 2008

SNP in Syria writes:

@ Elsai s a member of the Ladies in White, a group of women whose husbands, fathers, brothers or relatives are political prisoners. That group actively seeks to free their relatives through a variety of means inside Cuba.

Ok, that is a worthy cause, will help you Elsa

You should set up the Cuban Congress out of U.K., then pay up a research company out of Italy to publish a report that a huge oil reserves in a field near Guatanamo Bay called El Arbusto Grande was secretly discovered by the Comis in Havana. That is all you have to do Elsa, leave the rest of the detail to liberate Havana to the office of special planning. Well you must be able to testify couple of times for a cover or pay up others to do so. You have about 8 months to pull this plan successfully.

Otherwise, if you are not planning on or can not accept the reality of the fact that the daughter of your granddaughter will be still in the same position and campaign you are in today and been for the past decades, and the above plan is well EXPOSED, launch an armed struggle (now days by remote control from Miami or Bora Bora) call it like the bastard comis called their money, drugs and women hungry fighting groups; The Cuba Liberation Front because there is no way to remove comis out of Cuba otherwise. You can teach an animal newer better trick but you can not change the fact that he is an animal.

By the way, there is an off the shelve boiler plate plan called the Cuba Cure that you can buy in the Bahamas from Company called Zorro IBC for about 12 million Dollars. But the Doctors in Washington DC prefere traditional medicens that will slowly kill a nation, than fast surgical operations that can save the live of the people. They always brag about and promise support to bringing Democracy to troubled countries (non compliant dictators) by peaceful and democratic means and they point to how 40 countries headed by the U.S., peacefully freed Iraq, as an example of the sucsess of these peaceful mean to bring democracy to the nation they fell in love with its oil, did I say oil, slip of the tongue, I meant just as Welsh said recently; People. Yes he is troubled by the suffering of the Syrian People. LOL.

March 10, 2008

NB in Pakistan writes:

People who struggle for human rights and political freedom and put up resistance against the tyranny resulting from ruthless dictatorships prevalaent in their countries are usually labelled as "traitors" by the governments of their countries and are put behind bars for an indefinite period. I would like to ask the conscience of the free world whether it is right to label such people as "traitors".
Keep up your struggle Elsa, one day you will be rewarded for it.

New Mexico, USA
March 18, 2008

NB, far better it is to be a "traitor" to a system of government that to become a "traiter" to humanity by becoming a terrorist.

Tennessee, USA
March 18, 2008

If it were not for Traitors in our family long ago, perhaps the Cuban invasion would have changed the political map for the Cuban peoples.

I don't understand to this day how, with all our efforts and diligences, communist and socialist are part of our intelligence system...and in some cases, seemingly protected.

While it is not illegal to be either here in America, I do recall the vows ... so, how did it and how does it continue to happen? It certainly isn't the press.

Why should we not re arm Cuba?

Why didn’t we re arm Cuba while the Russian Bear was sleeping if we cared so much? Cuban democracy goes well beyond just the people and is strategically important to us. So why does it still exist as it always has?

Why didn’t we negotiate for the release of prisoners in a more realistic light?

Why did the largest single Heroin dealer reside in Cuba so long unscathed? Perhaps still does?

There are some very strong problems associated with Cuba which deserve a deeper view, which may lead to a better understanding of who, what, where, when and why our intelligence networks were and are penetrated.

United States
March 20, 2008

Zharkov from the USA writes:

Did you know that the Cuban government, or any other foreign nation, can legally buy property in America for non-diplomatic purposes? A federal judge has recently ordered the governments of India, Mongolia and the Philippines to pony up $57.6 million in real estate taxes in a case that reached the U.S. Supreme Court.

U.S. District Court Judge Jed S. Rakoff issued the order Monday after the high court ruled 7-2 last year that the city had a right to collect taxes on portions of buildings used by other countries for non-diplomatic purposes.

So how can it be that the US State Department is willing to allow America itself be sold to foreign nations?

Why does the State Department see no problem in Cuba's government buying up much of Miami, or Saudi Arabia buying up part of New York State, or Russia buying back some of Alaska, for example?

If these foreign nations can own buildings, they can own oil fields, defense plants, or entire regions of America.

The US State Department should have blocked these property acquisitions a long time ago, because the foreign ownership had no diplomatic purpose.

Unlike ordinary residents, foreign nations are organized to exercise influence and political power from acquiring land and properties and they can cloud the situation with diplomatic immunity merely by adding a name on the ownership records. Foreign governments should never be allowed to own non-diplomatic properties in America.

Tennessee, USA
March 20, 2008

Joe in Tennessee writes:

Zharkov or whatever your real name be, which seems questionable as I found most people of Russian origin well educated, both here and abroad.

  1. America is a Free Enterprise, Capitalist System.
  2. It is not illegal to purchase business's here in America, but taxes are not excluded. As part of Trade embargos, owing a business on U.S. soil is discretionary and usually not permitted. That is what embargos are about.
  3. At one time, most of Americas Corp. farm land was owned by Japan investors, latter German. Fisheries that most Americans presume are American are owned by the Dutch. There is nothing new about this. BMW and Toyota are here in the U.S. market now.
  4. You have American companies who try to evade taxes. Pathmark in Pa. once owed over $100,000 in local taxes until it was pushed to the State level for collection. What's new here? It took a State Hearing to decide how much they had to pay. They closed the store and left. So who wins?
  5. Only businesses that are directly related to National Security are not allowable. The idea of sale of a proposed new refinery to Iran was not permitted in 2004. The problem with letting an Islamic company own security measures at the Docks was viewed and screened first-by the legislature, not the DOS.
  6. The problem of Fair Trade is the FAIR part and it has to be realized that any country is Sovereign; therefore, can legally 'Nationalize' any foreign investments. Again, any country can Nationalize or limit foreign investments. Trade is a tool for democracy.
  7. Only in the case where State, Commonwealth or in the Case of LA: Napoleonic Code, are permitted to 'deal' on tax relief for new business in a variety of methods in an effort to bring new business to their constituents. It is then when do you see Tax trade offs. Federal Taxation is a much more complicated affair requiring Legislation, not an OK from the Department of State. Where do you get that idea from?

What does that have to do with Cuba? They are still under embargo?

United States
March 21, 2008

Zharkov in U.S.A. writes:

My previous post referred to FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS buying land that has no diplomatic purpose, not foreign citizens or corporations investing here.

There is a huge difference between a foreign GOVERNMENT owning part of America and a foreign citizen investing here, as I explained.

Russia's government, highly educated and very intelligent as Joe claims, knows better than to allow foreign GOVERNMENTS to buy regions of Russia. In fact, Russia doesn't particularly want foreign NGOs owning buildings in Russia either. Remember how America acquired Alaska?


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