World Officials Meet To Mitigate Climate Change

Posted by Kathy Eagen
March 5, 2008
WIREC 2008

Kathy Eagen serves in the State Department's Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs.

The energy was high as the first wave of registrants entered the Washington Convention Center to get credentialed for the Washington International Renewable Energy Conference 2008. Everywhere you turn a different language is being spoken, connections are being made, ideas debated, and greetings fly as old friends meet once again on the fringes of this ministerial-level meeting.

This is the third in a series of meetings regarding the rapid deployment of renewable energy to mitigate climate change. Months of planning have finally come down to this event, three days of ministerial-level meetings, a concurrent trade show and side events. It's been a long road, but we are finally here! It's satisfying to see how the weeks of meeting, planning, and general craziness have culminated into an event with more than 5500 participants.

The State Department, USDA, EPA, Department of Interior, CEQ, Department of Energy, USAID, NASA, and others have all participated in the planning and execution of this event. If you ever have planned a large event with over 2500 expected guests, then you can imagine the chaos that reigns at the last minute! As usual, things go awry...where are the pens? Does anyone have a stapler? Our copier is broken! We lost the next Ministerial speaker!

But, what we are hoping to accomplish over the next three days should hopefully have a far reaching effect, and linger beyond whatever small crises arise. The need for renewable energy is real, and pressing, and participation in the meeting by over 100 countries shows that this is an issue shared over the world.

Whether you are a developing country looking for alternatives to expensive imported energy sources, or a developed country looking to reduce its carbon footprint, all share a common vision and commitment to look towards renewables as an alternative source of energy.

The State Department is looking towards the potential greening of our embassies overseas, from installing solar panels to low-flow water faucets. But this is hopefully just the beginning, and with the research and development that is currently underway, it gives hope that everyone around the world will continue to increase our use of renewables.



Syrian P.
March 5, 2008

SNP in Syria writes:

Talk is cheap and cost you nothing, unless you are in Syria, Iran or DPRK. This is just another P.R. to show that America is really doing something about renewable or alternative energy, when in fact the U.S. Government to protect what wrongly perceived as viable Dollar Value and energy companies stocks value is more fearful of alternative energy than Saudi Arabia.

There are hundreds of issued patents worldwide that combined will provide ample resource of energy and a better use of it. Where is the funding to develop the technologies to market ready status. The DOE only funds silly technologies such as generating fuel out of cow manure if XOM filed for the grant.

United States
March 10, 2008

Dave in U.S. writes:


For the last 3 (three) decades, U.S. policy was designed to protect petroleum monopolies and discourage development of alternative energy technologies. After 2000, President Bush appointed lobbists and attorneys, for the petroleum companies, to "key" positions in government. These individuals acted as "agents-of-influence," and continued work to help protect the petroleum monopoly. In addition, petroleum companies continued to spend large sums to influence members of the U.S. Congress to sustain the very excessive support --and tax benefits-- for petroleum companies. Now that it appears that green (alternative) energy development is gaining political support, worldwide, several petroleum companies are now working to "corner" the market on these technologies. By this means petroleum companies hope to control and "slow" development of these critical energy innovations. Is it any wonder that most of the world has doubts about U.S. motives?

Oklahoma, USA
March 10, 2008

Dan in Oklahoma writes:

@ Kathy,

I believe that SNP, in Syria, is generally correct. USDOE and USDA are mostly funding research and development of less promising green (alternative) energy technologies. Such actions seem to confirm acts of subtle "sabotage" designed to help keep petroleum prices high for as long as possible. Our company, in Oklahoma, has developed a very promising means using carbon sequestration for the safe, efficient, economical, and large-scale production of a green energy crop on waste/ marginal lands --lands not used for growing food or feed crops. USDOE and USDA have long refused to support commercialization of our technology because their "friends," the petroleum companies, reportedly consider us a threat to their energy monopoly. As a matter of policy, the U.S. has demonstrated that it is willing to further damage our environment if that what it takes to provide unusual advantages for petroleum companies ---petroleum companies effectively controlling U.S. energy policies.

Terry V.
Minnesota, USA
March 10, 2008

Terry in Minnesota writes:

Nice Abbreviation of this WIREC :)

March 12, 2008

Aldendeshe in Syria writes:

I never forget my telephone conversation with DOE, John Augustine. After 3 years of frustrating filings for matching fund grant to develop a patented technology to generate electricity using compressed air. I was bluntly told not file again. After complaining to Congressman Christopher Cox of California (now SEC Chairman) and the deputy Sec of DOE under Abraham, I was referred to file a -non solicited proposal- Mr. Augustine, the one in charge of receiving these unsolicited proposals stated that I can go ahead and send my proposal but he assured me that the chances of DOE approval is nil When I asked if the DOE will ever request a solicited proposal, he laughed and chuckled, the DOE will never ever put out requests for such alterative energy. There is much more to the story, such as Enron threatening to sue me if I submit my proposal to the Venture capital division of the Company and so on and so forth. The only serious attendees are the industrial and technology espionage rackets.


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