Assistant Secretary Silverberg’s Dispatch #5 from the 62nd UNGA

September 29, 2007

United Nations – Today was another full day of meetings with my counterparts from a number of countries, including Italy, Israel, and Libya. Meanwhile, the Secretary was meeting with the Foreign Ministers of the other permanent members of the Security Council (China, Russia, France, and the United Kingdom), plus Germany and the European Union (referred to as the P5 plus two), to talk about a third sanctions resolution on Iran. Iran continues to defy the international community in its refusal to suspend its nuclear proliferation-related activities, and all participants agreed that a third resolution must be adopted if Iran continues to fail to meet certain conditions.

The permanent five members of the Security Council, plus Germany, will work on the text of a third sanctions resolution across the coming weeks. If reports due in November from Dr. Javier Solana, who acts as the representative of the P5 plus one to the Iranian government, and from Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, show that Iran is both unwilling to agree to the terms of negotiation that have been on the table since spring of 2006 (negotiations will begin once Iran verifiably suspends its proliferation-related activities) and unwilling to completely disclose its past nuclear activities to the IAEA, then the resolution will be put to a vote in the Security Council. Briefing by Under Secretary Burns After Secretary Rice's Meeting with the P-5 Plus Germany Plus EU

I’ll be in New York through Tuesday, so look for more updates come Monday!



New York, USA
October 8, 2007

Eric in New York writes:
There seems to be a misconception by some that nuclear technology is a nations right to explore yet bomb building they see as an accusation simply to deny advancement in the industrial world. I believe the answer is in what the empire of Iran, the Umma, has in mind. If we fail to appreciate the difference in goals of casual Iranian public interest and the obvious intent of Irans real leaders, the Ayatollas, to expand their empire at any expense of diplomatic lies and deceit, al-takyyia, and expand the Umma, the one natural religion of the world, the true goal is easily denied. However if one looks at the number of places the regime has put forth ideological armies and denies its culpability in fomenting terror and couple that with a firm understanding of their religion as published, practiced and taught along with the true meaning of words and phrases they use, one can hardly deny the purpose of nuclear exploration would be for gaining a weapon. Especially since the redrawing of national boundaries has been clearly stated.

This deciet and trickery coupled with a lack of intel to discern fact from fiction is and was the very same problem with Iraq. In view of this is it wrong to act in defense when inaction, although appearing to be diplomatically correct, would result in irreversible harm to world peace and a shift in power that would certainly alter the global economy.


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