Assistant Secretary Silverberg’s Dispatch #2 from the 62nd UNGA

September 25, 2007

United Nations – Hello again from New York. I spent most of today following the President’s busy schedule, which required me to run quickly (and in heels!) to keep up.

In his speech to the 192 nations of the General Assembly, President Bush reminded his listeners of the promise the United Nations has made – through the Universal Declaration of Human Rights– to defend people everywhere from tyranny, hunger, disease, illiteracy, and poverty. The President called on all Member States to take action to defend the peoples of the world against these scourges. President Bush focused on the continued oppression of the people of Burma, announcing U.S. plans to tighten economic sanctions on individuals who lead or financially support the regime, as well as those responsible for human rights violations. The President also condemned the governments of Iran, Syria, Zimbabwe, and Cuba for their mistreatment of their own people.

The President then met with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. In that meeting, President Bush emphasized the importance of adopting outstanding laws to advance the political reconciliation process in Iraq. The two leaders also talked about defining a strategic relationship between our two countries over the long term.

In the afternoon, the President attended a Roundtable on Democracy, where he and other heads of state talked about concrete ways for democratic countries to work together to promote democracy throughout the world.

President Bush went then to a meeting of the UN Security Council on Africa, chaired by French President Nicolas Sarkozy. The President called forcefully for international action to stop the genocide in Darfur, including a rapid transition to the United Nations-African Union peacekeeping force, an agreement to a cease-fire by all parties, and an end to arms sales to all combatants.

Tomorrow promises to be another full day in New York, and I’ll check in with you again in the evening.



California, USA
September 26, 2007

Jerry in California writes:
The chasm between what the President said at the UN and the general worldwide perception of his conduct as Commander in Chief begs the question of how his conduct as "the decider" will now move toward reconciling that chasm. I applaud the beginning of wisdom that I have seen in U.S. actions over the past year or so.

But we sorely need a fresh face for our country.
Thanks for your efforts.

Bill C.
September 27, 2007

Bill in Hong Kong writes:
President Bush talked about Human Rights! U.S.A. is now no.1 nation to violate human rights in the world. They invade Iraq for oil. They kill hundreds thousands citizens in Iraq. They run secret camps in Europe.

But the media in U.S.A. neglect the above. U.S. people only scold Burma government who only kill say 20 people, compare to U.S.A. already killed millions in Iraq.

U.S. people also scold Iran president, but Iran didn't invade other country and do mass-killing like U.S.A.
World is not fare, might makes right!!!


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