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Celebrating U.S. Independence Day

1 minutes read time
Each year, Americans celebrate the ideals of liberty and freedom - essential elements of our country’s founding creed. Whether near or far, communities gather together in various ways to host cookouts, watch… more

This Week at State: June 30, 2017

1 minutes read time
Did you miss key foreign policy developments this week? We’ve got you covered. Each week DipNote recaps the latest U.S. Department of State highlights spanning a wide range of global issues, events, and… more

Engaging the Caribbean and Its Diaspora

1 minutes read time
From Colin Powell and Sidney Poitier, to Tina Charles, Julissa Bermudez, and Patrick Ewing, the contributions of the Caribbean diaspora in the United States have touched every aspect of American Life. To… more
Hopi native Scott Sinquah of the Sinquah Family Dance Troupe performs a war dance in Montreal, Canada, on June 17, 2017.

Montreal Welcomes Hopi Artists from Arizona

1 minutes read time
This year, Canada is celebrating 150 years since confederation. The United States is celebrating 241 years of independence. At the same time, both countries recognize and honor the history of the people who… more


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