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Image of the U.S. Embassy building in London

American Diplomats Like Me Always Have Your Back

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I suppose it’s no surprise to my East Bay friends and family that I joined the Foreign Service and am now a vice consul at the U.S. Embassy in London. I suppose it’s no surprise to my East Bay friends and… more
Image of a woman in profile, with a serious expression.

Elevated by Education

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A USAID program established 33 schools in villages in Pakistan that lacked middle schools to cover sixth through eighth grade for girls between the ages of eleven and nineteen. more
WiSci campers collaborate on building a Galileo-powered car.

Imagination Is Your Only Constraint

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I often speak about the power of public-private partnerships and frequently tout one of the Department of State’s cornerstone programs as a prime example: WiSci. The WiSci, or Women in Science, program is a… more


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