A boy prays during Orthodox Christmas Eve mass in the Virgin Mary Church in Cairo, Egypt.

Persecution, repression, and discrimination are a daily reality for members of religious minority communities in too many countries around the world. In response...

The view from the back of a U.S. military helicopter transporting relief supplies. Following Hurricane Maria, the U.S. military assisted the Government of Dominica to transport relief supplies to hard-to-reach towns across the island. (Julian Wyss, USAID)

Jumpstarting food markets to jumpstart Dominica’s recovery

Two men, fully covered to protect from the sun, carry a pipe while two other men stand by to assist. The background is a concrete house in ruins, with lots of debris.

The United States will participate in a Kuwait-hosted three-day forum that will showcase private sector investment opportunities and donor...

Temidayo Isaiah led an effort by YouthMappers at his university to map urban waste across the city of Akure, Nigeria. (Chad Blevins, USAID)

How a YouthMappers student tackled a development challenge in his own community.

U.S. Embassy Korea Charge d'Affaires Marc Knapper, dressed in a matching Olympic snow suit and stocking hat, lights the Olympic torch.

This month, the world turns its gaze toward Gangwon Province as the Republic of Korea (ROK) hosts the 23rd Olympic Winter Games.  I congratulate Korea for its...


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson traveled to Austin, Texas, where he delivered a speech outlining our engagement in the Western Hemisphere, and then to Mexico...

Picture of US Department of State seal

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