Zaina and her twins sit alongside other caregivers and their malnourished children during a cooking demonstration at Jinja Regional Referral Hospital, part of an outpatient therapeutic care program. / Kate Consavage, USAID

With USAID support, Ugandan nutritionists educate mothers on the best food to feed their children so they grow up healthy. Zaina, a new mother in eastern...

Special Agent Scott Kim, posted to Seoul, South Korea, is monitoring more than 50,000 protestors gathered outside the U.S. Embassy Seoul in 2009. (Personal Collection)

Special Agent Scott Kim discusses the importancr of his cultural heritage and its impact on  his careeer with Diplomatic Security.

J.R. deLara poses for a photo, along the Silk Road, during an 850-mile bike ride to promote American education and media.

Sometimes diplomacy means taking a message directly to the people, even if you need to bike across the country to do it. I undertook a two-week bike trip...

Police and Gendarme officers from Gabon and Senegal converse during the Civilian-Police-Military relations course. (CoESPU photo)

During National Police Week in the United States, we highlight the U.S. partnership with Italy’s Center of Excellence for Stability Police Units. This is a joint...

President Reagan and Pope John Paul II sit on a ivory couch, talking. The Pope has his arms crossed.

Since taking up my post as United States Ambassador to the Holy See on December 22, 2017, I’ve often been asked to explain the benefits of maintaining an embassy...

Janus team members move on to the next area after safely clearing a building in the al-Dawassa Water Treatment Facility. (Photo courtesy of Janus Global Operations)

In northern Iraq, fleeing ISIS militants adopted a “scorched earth” policy in many of the areas they once occupied, making it virtually impossible for civilians...

Picture of US Department of State seal

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