Overhead view of rows of people dressed in formal religious attire, bowing heads to the ground on mats.

The State Department celebrating Eid al-Fitr with our friends and partners around the world.

Flood waters cover a street, reaching about halfway up small yellow and bright blue cement homes.

A tropical vacation may sound like the perfect getaway this summer, but it comes with a risk: the Atlantic hurricane season. The Atlantic hurricane season...

Ferris wheel illuminated at night.

Photographs strongly shape our views of the world. To help show the full picture of Iraq, the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad decided to hold a photography contest that...

The Army’s Silver Greyhounds assigned to the U.S. Embassy in Paris in 1918.  As part of the Delegation to Negotiate Peace, they became the first dedicated group of diplomatic couriers in U.S. history. (State Department photo)

The U.S. Army honors its 243rd birthday on June 14. The U.S. Department of State’s Diplomatic Courier Service, which is marking its 100th anniversary in 2018, has...

Secretary Pompeo stands behind a podium that has the Presidential Seal. Behind him is a banner that says "Singapore Summit".

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo traveled to Singapore June 10 to participate in President Donald J. Trump's summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and...

A smiling baby sits on a lap in an airplane, next to the tray table.

After waking up multiple times each night to feed our infant daughter, my wife and I have learned a new definition of tired. In between the bleary-eyed 4 a.m....

Picture of US Department of State seal

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