Hamish Finlayson Smiling and Holding Hands in the Air

Entrepreneurship is about individuals improving their lives and the lives of those in their communities through good ideas, hard work, and a little bit of luck....

Youth Ambassadors from Ecuador in Houston during Hurricane Harvey met with families who had evacuated their homes. They helped them locate the assistance they needed by gathering a list of items needed and sorting through donations.

Imagine you’re visiting the United States for the first time, only just beginning to familiarize yourself with...


Did you miss key foreign policy developments this week? We’ve got you covered. Each week, DipNote recaps...

People stand outside their home in a poor neighborhood in Nouakchott, Mauritania.

Since its independence in 1960, Mauritania and the United States have enjoyed a strong partnership based on shared interests and mutual respect. Thanks to this...

About 15 adult Congolese men and two women sit in wooden school benches in a classroom listening to a speaker who is seated on a table at the front of the classroom

As the U.S. Department of State releases its 2017 Fiscal Transparency Report, we address four common myths about fiscal transparency.

A woman holds up a banner that reads "I *heart* Iraq," while surrounded by a large crowd of joyful people celebrating

As ISIS loses ground, women’s leadership is more important than ever in building long-term security for Iraq and Syria, free from ISIS and violent extremism....

Picture of US Department of State seal

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