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March 18, 2014

'State in 60 Seconds' Video -- Diplomacy Lab

During today’s town hall with college students and congressional interns, Secretary Kerry announced Diplomacy Lab , a new program that… more
February 7, 2014

'State in 60 Seconds' Video -- Sports Diplomacy

The State Department uses a variety of diplomatic strategies to meet our foreign policy goals. Sports diplomacy is one of… more
January 31, 2014

'State in 60 Seconds' Video -- Standing With Civil Society

One month in, 2014 is shaping up to be a landmark year for civil society . Last September on the… more
January 29, 2014

'State in 60 Seconds' Video -- Award for Corporate Excellence

Today, Secretary of State John Kerry recognized Taylor Guitars, Plantronics, and Fruit of the Loom with the Secretary's Award for… more
August 19, 2013

'State in 60 Seconds' Video -- World Humanitarian Day

August 19 marks World Humanitarian Day , an occasion to honor aid workers who have lost their lives in humanitarian… more
August 6, 2013

'State in 60 Seconds' Video -- Public Affairs

Assistant Secretary of State Mike Hammer explains how the State Department's Bureau of Public Affairs can serve as your "window… more
July 2, 2013

'State in 60 Seconds' Video -- Climate Change

President Obama recently announced a series of executive actions to reduce carbon pollution and prepare the United States for the… more
June 13, 2013

'State in 60 Seconds' Video -- Nutrition

Why is nutrition on the global agenda? Watch our latest "State in 60 Seconds" video to hear Elizabeth Buckingham explain… more


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