#GLACIER Digital Relay: A Global Conversation on Arctic Climate Change

Posted by DipNote Bloggers
August 31, 2015
Gentoo penguins stand on rocks near on the Antarctica peninsula, where 49 billion tons of ice is lost a year according to NASA due to glaciers melting

To raise awareness of how Arctic climate change is being felt around the globe—and in every time zone—the State Department organized a 24-hour Global #GLACIER Twitter Relay in the 24 hours ahead of the start of GLACIER, the global leadership conference on the Arctic happening in Anchorage, Alaska on August 31, 2015.

The Arctic covers every time zone on Earth and Arctic issues affect everyone globally, so we encouraged people around the world to participate in the relay.  Here’s what people tweeted:

The GLACIER Conference is currently underway in Alaska, and will provide an unprecedented opportunity for world leaders and stakeholders to broaden global awareness and engage on ways the international community can address the effects of Arctic climate change. You can watch President Obama and Secretary Kerry’s remarks at GLACIER live on www.state.gov

You can also join the conversation online but participating in a Facebook Q&A.  Submit your questions, and you may receive a video response from one of the experts attending GLACIER.

Follow #GLACIER for more information, and help us continue the conversation on why Arctic climate change matters to all of us.

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Erin G.
Arizona, USA
September 1, 2015
How will glacier affect our climate? It's getting hot every year, does it mean that the ice on arctic are melting so fast?
Patrick W.
Maryland, USA
September 1, 2015
Is this why all those fish and octopus washed up on our shore line in the past year. There where millions of them all over the beach, I have never seen that happen before, ever. Is this happening in other countries too? Is global warming causing them too act like this and beach them selves ?


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