Recent Violence in Yemen

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March 20, 2015
A Man Looks at a Damaged Car After a Suicide Attack in Sanaa, Yemen

The United States condemns the recent violence in Yemen that left hundreds of people dead and wounded.  State Department Director for Press Relations Jeff Rathke said, "The United States strongly condemns today’s suicide bombings that killed over 130 individuals and left hundreds wounded. We express our condolences to the families of the victims. We deplore the brutality of the terrorists who perpetrated today’s unprovoked attack on Yemeni citizens who were peacefully engaging in Friday prayers in their places of worship." 

The United States also condemned yesterday's airstrike targeting the Presidential Palace in Aden and called upon all actors within Yemen to halt all unilateral and offensive military actions.

Director Rathke noted, "...Political instability threatens the well-being of all Yemenis and denies them the opportunity to live in safety, peace and prosperity. Today’s attack on the mosques in Sana’a underscores that terrorism affects all Yemenis and that no one political group alone can confront the challenges facing Yemen."

Director Rathke underscored that the way forward for Yemen must be through a political solution, saying, "...We call upon all Yemeni parties to return in good faith to a political dialogue to resolve their differences. Without consensus among the Yemeni people, any unilateral assertion of authority will not succeed. We urge a renewed commitment to a peaceful political transition consistent with the Gulf Cooperation Council Initiative, the National Dialogue Conference outcomes, relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions and the Yemeni constitution."

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