Secretary of State @JohnKerry Engages Students on U.S.-China Relations

Posted by Kelly McCarthy
November 4, 2014
Secretary Kerry Speaks With Students Involved in the Hopkins-Nanjing Center

In the lead up to President Obama’s participation in the 2014 APEC Leaders’ Summit in Beijing, Secretary of State John Kerry delivered remarks on U.S.-China relations 35 years after the re-establishment of diplomatic ties between the two nations, and charted a vision for the development of the bilateral relationship.

The Secretary’s remarks took place at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies, where audiences participated in the event both online and off.

Upon his arrival, the Secretary made his way through the crowd and shook hands with the students. He then stood at the podium, looked out, and smiling, said: “I’m happy to be here, staring at a lot of mobile devices. It’s a whole new world out there.” The students laughed, but it was true. There really was a sea of mobile devices all grabbing the moment to share with friends and families in real-time.

The Secretary invited the audience -- both those attending the event in person and those watching it live on -- to continue the conversation using their mobile devices. He invited them to submit their questions on U.S.-China relations by tweeting to him using the hashtag #SAISKerry.

Following his remarks, and Twitter Q&A, the Secretary departed for travel to Paris, Beijing, and Muscat.  In Beijing, the Secretary will lead the Department of State’s delegation to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Ministerial Meeting.  You can follow the Secretary’s travel on, on Twitter handles @StateDept and @JohnKerry and on the Department of State’s Facebook page.  Visit the U.S. Embassy Beijing’s website for more information on U.S.-China relations.

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About the Author: Kelly McCarthy serves as a Public Affairs Officer in the State Department's Office of Digital Engagement.



Margot B.
United States
November 11, 2014
The US should renounce British geopolitics and join the BRICS, which offers a model of international relations which is non-predatory.


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