Standing in Solidarity With our Neighbors to the North

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October 29, 2014
Canadian Foreign Minister Baird and Secretary Kerry Pause After Laying a Wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Ottawa

Secretary of State John Kerry traveled to Ottawa, Canada, on October 28 for a series of bilateral meetings and to convey condolences to senior Canadian officials following last week's attacks in Canada. In remarks with Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird, Secretary Kerry said:

"I affirmed to my friend, the foreign minister, that President Obama, the State Department and our entire Administration pledge to work even more closely with your leaders at every level in order to deter and prevent terrorist attacks. As Prime Minister Harper said, Canada will not be intimidated and Canada will not hate, for fear is not the answer to any question, and hate is not the solution to the challenges we face.

"Together on this side of the Atlantic and where necessary overseas, we will defeat the advocates and practitioners of terror, expose their hypocrisy, and we will win the battle of ideas. In so doing, we will be true to our own principles and values, which we share so closely with our neighbor, Canada. And that is the only sure path by which to find the outcome that we all seek."
Secretary Kerry also expressed America’s solidarity with the Canadian people, reaffirming the close friendship and alliance between our countries.  The Secretary said:
"Great nations, like great individuals, are those who are made stronger by the hardest tests of life. In the past week, the world has been witness to Canada’s strength, to your unity, your courage, your resolve. And that is the message that I wanted to deliver personally to my colleague, Foreign Minister Baird, and through the media to the people of Canada.... It is my message, the message of President Obama and the United States of America: a message of deep friendship, admiration, and commitment that I deliver today on behalf of the people of the United States to all the people of Canada."
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