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August 11, 2014
Plane Lands on U.S. Aircraft Carrier After Carrying Out Mission in Iraq

Today, President Barack Obama provided an update on recent developments in Iraq.  The President noted that American forces have "successfully conducted targeted airstrikes to prevent terrorist forces from advancing on the city of Erbil, and to protect American civilians there."  At the same time, the United States has continued daily humanitarian efforts to provide assistance to the men, women, and children who are stranded on Mount Sinjar, and deployed a USAID Disaster Assistance Response Team to help.

President Obama reiterated that "the only lasting solution is for Iraqis to come together and form an inclusive government," and highlighted important steps Iraq is taking in that effort.  The President said:

"Last month, the Iraqi people named a new President.  Today, President Masum named a new Prime Minister designate, Dr. Haider al-Abadi.  Under the Iraqi constitution, this is an important step towards forming a new government that can unite Iraq’s different communities. 

"Earlier today, Vice President Biden and I called Dr. Abadi to congratulate him and to urge him to form a new cabinet as quickly as possible -- one that’s inclusive of all Iraqis, and one that represents all Iraqis.  I pledged our support to him, as well as to President Masum and Speaker Jabouri, as they work together to form this government.  Meanwhile, I urge all Iraqi political leaders to work peacefully through the political process in the days ahead."
In a statement, Secretary of State John Kerry said, "The United States welcomes Iraqi President Fuad Masum’s charging of the nominee of the largest bloc in the Council of Representatives, Dr. Haider Al-Abadi, with the formation of a new government. This signifies the successful completion of the third step in Iraq’s constitutionally mandated government formation process, following the election of the Speaker of Parliament and the election of the President of the Republic in July."
The Secretary continued, "The United States applauds President Masum’s fulfillment of his constitutional duties and urges the Prime Minister-designate to form a government that is representative of the Iraqi people and inclusive of Iraq’s religious and ethnic identities. The Prime-Minister designate should present the members of his proposed new government to the Council of Representatives consistent with Iraq’s constitutional timeline.  
"The United States will continue to support Iraq’s democratic process and stand with the Iraqi people in their fight against terrorism."
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Eric J.
New Mexico, USA
August 12, 2014

"We didn’t need to struggle to find commonality in our understanding of the fact that we are living in one of the most complicated moments of transformation and transition all across this planet. Instant communications, massive numbers of mobile devices, massive amounts of information moving at lightning speed around the globe informing everybody about everything all of the time. And that has changed politics, and it has changed international relations. It raises expectations among people all over the world. And it challenges politics in terms of building consensus around decisions.

So we face a lot of these challenges together in today’s world, and that is why it is so important to have the kind of discussion that we had here today where we lay out every one of those challenges and try to figure out how do we do this better, how can we have greater impact, how do we bring more people to the table in order to affect change."-Sec. Kerry


Well count me in mr Secretary, as I bring a few thoughts to the table here...

The old American axiom, "United we stand, divided we fall" is a self evident actionable truth in today's Iraq, and better late than never folks there have started to come to this universal realization in the face of a dire common threat.

With any luck Iraqi's will have a government in place that serves all the people within 30 days and concerned nations in the region will have the confidence to do more than just provide humanitarian aid. To be willing at the request of the new Iraqi gov. to provide armed forces including ground troops as needed to defeat ISIL unconditionally and expeditiously.

I'm not talking about US ground forces or "boots", I'm referring to folks like Jordan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, (with the exception of Iran simply securing its border and being a good neighbor without interfering in Iraqi political or military solutions).

If the long term goal is to defeat ISIL, they must be defeated in Syria as well, and prevented from retreating back into Syria from Iraq as they are rolled back on the battlefield.

Otherwise they'll continue to enjoy safe haven.

There's a UN resolution been passed to provide humanitarian aid to folks inside Syria, with or without Assad's permission, and were the US gov. to make the determination that Genocide is taking place in Syria , as it has in Iraq...Seems to me that Russia would have a real hard time justifying its continued support of Assad with arms and munitions, and the US and allies would be better able to level the playing field militarily in support of the moderate opposition. While delivering essential humanitarian supplies and creating corridors for delivery and/or evacuation of civilians as neccessary.

While it is true that this isn't "America's fight", it is clear that the defeat of ISIL and an end to genocide , human suffering , and the return home of millions of refugees can't be acomplished by Iraqis and Kurds all by themselves.

This can't be done by them even with the assistance of US airstrikes , and the nations mentioned above will need to step up to the plate and take their turn swinging at ISIL with everything they can bring to bear militarily in support of the Iraqi and Syrian people.

As well, Assad's got to should be clear by now that just like there is no political solution to be entered into with ISIL, there is no political solution left to entertain with Assad or his minions.

And on that political solution to find the diplomatic wherewithal to garner the cooperation of nations in a common realization, this can't be looked upon as a matter of "regime change" when what must be involved is a matter of "regime replacvement therapy" in order that Syria may function properly as a nation rather than remain a failed state with an illegitimate genocidal dictator at its helm.

Let Iraqi's take the lead in Iraq with US / allies and regional support as requested, but the US must lead with a regional strategy and the diplomacy needed to coordinate the humanirarian as well as military solution...including the follow on repair of infrastucture and the rebuilding of civil society including good governance over the long term.

That's where the therapy part of the equasion comes into force as a positive change agent for long term stability and prosperity in the region.

Plan on it taking about a decade after the peace has been created from scratch...and a whole lot of commitment by the community of nations concerned.

EJ 8/12/14

Beneta B.
California, USA
August 12, 2014
Are we going to try to get help from NATO and UN for all the Assyrians that are getting killed there because they are Christian? #demandforaction#WeAreN


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