United States Increases Costs on Russia for Actions in Ukraine

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March 17, 2014
President Obama Delivers a Statement on Ukraine, March 17, 2014

President Barack Obama announced a series of measures today that will continue to increase the cost on Russia and on those responsible for what is happening in Ukraine.  As authorized by the Executive Order (E.O. 13660), issued on March 6, the United States is imposing sanctions on specific individuals responsible for undermining the sovereignty, territorial integrity, and government of Ukraine.

Today, President Obama signed a new executive order that authorizes the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State, to impose sanctions on named officials of the Russian government, any individual or entity that operates in the Russian arms industry, and any designated individual or entity that acts on behalf of, or that provides material or other support to, any senior Russian government official.  We fashioned these sanctions to impose costs on named individuals who wield influence in the Russian government and those responsible for the deteriorating situation in Ukraine.  We stand ready to use these authorities in a direct and targeted fashion as events warrant.

In addition to the new executive order, the Treasury Department today imposed sanctions on four other individuals under E.O. 13660 for their actions or policies that threaten the peace, security, stability, sovereignty, or territorial integrity of Ukraine and in undermining the Government of Ukraine.  They are Crimea-based separatist leaders Sergey Aksyonov and Vladimir Konstantinov; former Ukrainian presidential chief of staff Viktor Medvedchuk; and former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.

Today’s actions send a strong message to the Russian government that there are consequences for their actions that violate the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, including their actions supporting the illegal referendum for Crimean separation.  The United States, together with international partners, will continue to stand by the Ukrainian government to ensure that costs are imposed on Crimean separatists and their Russian backers.

As President Obama said today, “We have been guided by a fundamental principle -- the future of Ukraine must be decided by the people of Ukraine.  That means Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity must be respected, and international law must be upheld.”

Today’s actions also serve as notice to Russia that unless it abides by its international obligations and returns its military forces to their original bases and respects Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, the United States is prepared to take additional steps to impose further political and economic costs.

“Going forward, we can calibrate our response based on whether Russia chooses to escalate or to de-escalate the situation. Now, I believe there’s still a path to resolve this situation diplomatically in a way that addresses the interest of both Russia and Ukraine.  That includes Russia pulling its forces in Crimea back to their bases, supporting the deployment of additional international monitors in Ukraine, and engaging in dialogue with the Ukrainian government, which has indicated its openness to pursuing constitutional reform as they move forward towards elections this spring," President Obama said.

“But throughout this process, we’re going to stand firm in our unwavering support for Ukraine…the United States stands with the people of Ukraine and their right to determine their own destiny.”

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Greg L.
Hawaii, USA
March 17, 2014
Let us help.them the way France helped us?
Eric J.
New Mexico, USA
March 17, 2014

 Russia may have gained Crimea, but lost the respect of the international community doing it. Ukraine may have to part with territory, but its people have gained solid support and respect among nations.

  In this context, it would be speculative to determine winners or losers, safe to say international law would be a losing exception in this case.

 If there is any cause to be made for "UN Reform" , present curcumstance sets precedent, following on the veto of a perm 5 member, itself the subject of resolution being in breach of the UN charter, among other notable documents, agreements, and treaties.

 How was it that in the designing of the functioning by-laws of the UNSC's protocol and procedure , that it would render this body impotent in the face of flagrent violations of international norms and attempted with respect to the notion of  peace by a permanent member vis a vis veto privilidges itself the subject of resolution through its actions counter to the UN Charter?

 Anyone have a good answer to this conundrum?

 I think maybe the French do, and Lafayette would salute the French perm rep.'s withering remarks as I've oftern stated here on Dipnote that the Russians have a rather unique way of shooting themselves in the foot, one toe at a time.

  "and this little piggy's credibility went screaming weweweweweweweeee...all the way home trying find a political tit to suckle on."

 Ain't got none left now ....but I suspect there's a fellow who'll target his nose next, despite any face he wants to put on this, and bite off more than he can chew in Eastern Ukraine.

 Seems clear enough Mr. Putin doesn't give a tinker's damn about any sanctions levied, he's betting he's "on a roll".

 Has anyone bothered to tell him why that roll he's thinkin he's on might very well be over oblivion's cliff taking a whole lot of folks along for the ride? 

  All in the name of providing security to Russians, Mr. Putin sows the seeds of political backlash when the people realize he's become the only "ultra-nationalist" threat they need to be concerned about other than those who do his bidding..

EJ 3/17/2014

Hacintt R.
Florida, USA
March 19, 2014
Perhaps the US could also target the oligarchs that are investing in the United States. It could at least try to find out how they obtain millions of dollars to buy property in Florida.
Susan O.
United States
March 19, 2014
President Obama's hypocrisy seems to know no bounds.


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