Situation in Ukraine

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February 18, 2014
Protesters in Ukraine

Today, Vice President Joe Biden called Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to express grave concern regarding the crisis on the streets of Kyiv.  He called on President Yanukovych to pull back government forces and to exercise maximum restraint. The Vice President made clear that the United States condemns violence by any side, but that the government bears special responsibility to de-escalate the situation. The Vice President further underscored the urgency of immediate dialogue with opposition leaders to address protesters' legitimate grievances and to put forward serious proposals for political reform.

In a statement, Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki said, "Secretary Kerry shares the grave concerns expressed by Vice President Biden directly to President Yanukovych today regarding the unacceptable violence on the streets of Kyiv. We call on President Yanukovych and the Ukrainian government to de-escalate the situation immediately, and resume dialogue with the opposition on a peaceful path forward. Ukraine’s deep divisions will not be healed by spilling more innocent blood."

The United States is committed to supporting efforts to promote a peaceful resolution to the crisis that reflects the will and aspirations of the Ukrainian people.

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Bill F.
California, USA
February 19, 2014
After providing financial and political support for Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria, the US is now doing the same for neo-Nazi terrorists in Ukraine. It just doesn't get more embarrassing for our nation than this. Plus, the hypocrisy of the statements coming out of the Department of State is truly repugnant. The State Department doesn't give a damn about what happens to the people of Ukraine or Syria. Those suffering nations are merely chess pieces in a geopolitical game of chicken with Russia, motivated by the worsening bankruptcy of our financial system.
Eric J.
New Mexico, USA
February 21, 2014
I'm sure folks can educate Bill in Calif. as to policy intent, I'd just advise him not to believe everything he thinks....In any case, I was kind of thinking off the top of my head, "Now I wonder what 'ol Joe said to Victor that would get him to ease up on the masses?"...goes like this here: "Yo Victor! You don't want to be pulling an Assad, man! Look what a fix cracking down on protests got his country into. Remember, Forest Gump was right." - Things we wish a microphone left on would catch...(sic).


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