Nicholas Kristof and Lara Setrakian To Host a Google+ Hangout With Secretary Kerry

Posted by Moira Whelan
September 8, 2013
Secretary Kerry Prepares for His Google+ Hangout

On Tuesday, September 10, 2013, at 2:00 p.m. EDT, Secretary of State John Kerry will participate in a Google+ Hangout hosted by New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof and Lara Setrakian, founder of the digital news site Syria Deeply.  The Hangout will also feature Andrew Beiter, a social studies teacher and a regional education coordinator for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

This roundtable discussion will weigh the United States' response to the use of chemical weapons in Syria.  Secretary Kerry's participation in this event represents our ongoing efforts to explain why taking action to hold the Assad regime accountable for its violation of international norms is important to our interests and our security.

As you prepare for the discussion, I encourage you to read Kristof’s “Pulling the Curtain Back on Syria” and visit the websites of Syria Deeply and the Holocaust Museum.  You can participate in this conversation by submitting questions on Nicholas Kristof’s Google+ page, or tweeting your questions to @NickKristof and @Lara using the hashtag #TalkSyria.  You will be able to watch the Hangout here.

About the Author:  Moira Whelan serves as Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Digital Strategy in the Bureau of Public Affairs.

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Samra N.
Michigan, USA
September 9, 2013
What a bunch of losers
Antia O.
September 10, 2013
LEGAL OPINION REGARDING THE USE OF FORCE THROUGH THE ORGANS AND INSTRUMENT OF UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL. In view of the current impass and divided concern over the use of military strikes or force to enforce all relevant international control over chemical weapon and other weapons of mass destruction in Syria, I hereby kindly forward a suggestion that the Russian authorities and other likely concerned countries may likely not refuse. The resolution should not insist on direct military strikes in Syria but should state the authority to forcefully, fully and dully destroy all sites for, of and with chemical weapons including sites for manufacturing, storage and distribution within the borders of Syria within a specific period or stipulate days. (The use of the word forceful may be excluded from the resolution without changing the intentions if the context “ or authority to fully and dully destroy all sites can be by all means necessary). 1. EXPLANATION The omission of the word military or such similar word will enable the resolution to go through but will allow the forceful location, identification and complete destruction of such dangerous capabilities. The use of the word storage shall mean “all sites” including military bases. The use of word distribution could be interpreted to include disabling of any air craft, motor vehicles and other carriage whether military or civilian carriages used or to be used the target could include air force and other military bases and facilities. Secondly the resolution should state the authority and the need for accountability for crimes and atrocities committed by authorities and individuals within Syria with the inclusive view of bringing them to justice while humanitarian concern will be addressed within the same resolution. Humanitarian concern will include the welfare of persons living in Syria and the settlement of displaced Syrians. The resolution should welcome multilateral efforts to rebuild Syria with visions of humanitarian reliefs and the restoration of national and local institution based on a representative governance without regards to ethnicity, gender, religion or any other affiliation. The resolution should be referred to all member states as usual. I am much concern about the already inhuman and, reckless attention by countries that are benefitting from this war. This is my legal opinion. Yours faithfully, U.O.R.U Antia Legal Practitioner Nigeria
Edwin A.
September 10, 2013
If i was the president i will tell the american people that,a yes vote from the senate and from the congress is the perfect opportunity that allows Assad to be held responsible if he fails to follow the Peaceful solution put forward by russia.
David D.
Florida, USA
September 10, 2013
Secretary Kerry, In the book "the Art of War", Sun Tzu teaches tactics that are still employed and studied today. The text says you must never demonstrate an unwillingness to show you are serious regardless of any debate if the powers are such bestowed. Polls account for nothing in these matters and if we are going to budget about 70% for the Military Industrial Complex, then we should use it or lose it. It's called Deterrence. Deterrence kept the Cold War at bay. My question is; Why are we acting like "The Mouse that Roared" and demonstrate, if needed, we will lead by force to accomplish the morally right thing to do in the name of Global Humanity?
Justin B.
Michigan, USA
September 10, 2013
If I hear someone mention Al-Qaeda one more time in reference to the dangers of proliferation of these chemical weapons, I'm going to throw my TV out the window. Hezbolla is one of the most dangerous, and capable terrorist organizations currently in the world. And it just so happends that Hezbolla as of earlier this year, is openly supporting Assad (also supporting Iran, who has made very clear threats against the U.S.). Earlier today (Sept. 10th) Secratary Kerry, was asked if Assad has directly threated us or our allies. Then after making an indirect explaination stating that any use of chemical weapons is a threat, to which the speaker responded, Should we attack North Korea then? THIS IS THE STUPIDEST RESPONSE I'VE EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE. Not even considering Hezbolla, and Iran's invovlement, if someone can't understand the difference between having chemical weapons and using chemical weapons then that clown from West Virginia has no business being a Congressman


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