President Obama Reaffirms the U.S.-Mexico Relationship

Posted by Megan Slack
May 3, 2013
President Obama Speaks at Anthropology Museum in Mexico City

On the first day of his trip to Mexico and Costa Rica, President Obama was in Mexico City for meetings and a joint press conference with President Peña Nieto.

The two leaders, who first met in Washington, D.C. last November, discussed the broad range of issues that bind our nations and affect the daily lives of citizens in both countries, and renewed their commitment to a strong relationship between the United States and Mexico.

While working together to confront urgent challenges like security, "we can't lose sight of the larger relationship between our peoples, including the promise of Mexico's economic progress," President Obama said. "I believe we've got a historic opportunity to foster even more cooperation, more trade, more jobs on both sides of the border, and that's the focus of my visit.""The United States and Mexico have one of the largest economic relationships in the world. Our annual trade has now surpassed $500 billion -- more than $1 billion every day. We are your largest customer, buying the vast majority of Mexican exports. Mexico is the second largest market for U.S. exports. So every day, our companies and our workers -- with their integrated supply chains -- are building products together. And this is the strong foundation that we can build on."

President Obama also gave a speech at the National Anthropology Museum before continuing on to Costa Rica.

Editor's Note: This entry originally appeared on the White House Blog.


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