A 'News' Story: New Secretary, New President, New Media

Posted by Hannah Bae
April 13, 2013
Secretary Kerry Meets With South Korean President Park in Seoul

Here in Seoul, we are quite familiar with hosting U.S. Secretaries of State. South Korea is one of the United States' closest allies, which means our two countries engage in a great deal of close cooperation and coordination. This year we celebrate "Sixty Years of Partnership and Shared Prosperity," as we mark the 60th anniversary of the Korean War Armistice, the U.S.-ROK Mutual Defense Treaty, and the launch of the American Chamber of Commerce in Korea, among other key events.

For this Secretary-level visit, however, there were a number of new variables. New Republic of Korea President Park Geun-hye, in office a few short months, was meeting new U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who is only two months into his tenure. This was also Secretary Kerry's first visit to Seoul.

Here in tech-savvy South Korea, new media is an essential aspect of how U.S. Embassy Seoul communicates, so we wanted to make sure we spotlighted the Secretary's visit in a special way. In fact, we recently collaborated with South Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs to hold a 60th anniversary logo contest using social media that was open to the public. We have already started using the winning design, and a number of us sported it on our lapels during the Secretary's visit!

All these "news" made this trip particularly exciting here on the ground in Seoul. The pace was crazy, given the action-packed day. Fortunately, this pace is hardly unusual for South Korea, where "ppalli-ppalli" (or "hurry, hurry!") could become the national motto. The fast-moving events did not seem to faze the influx of international media who had come to Seoul in droves.

The Secretary's visit came at a time of heightened global attention on the Korean Peninsula. His meeting with President Park, originally scheduled for 30 minutes, stretched past an hour, an example of the depth and breadth of our countries' bilateral relationship. Speaking from a press conference at the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs with Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se, Secretary Kerry emphasized that the United States, South Korea, and the international community are united in our common goal of the peaceful denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Secretary Kerry departed Seoul for Beijing, where he will continue to discuss a range of bilateral and multilateral issues, reaffirming the Obama Administration's commitment to further broaden and enhance U.S. economic, security, and strategic interests in the Asia-Pacific region.



john t.
Hawaii, USA
April 15, 2013

John T. in Hawaii writes:

The people in North Korea are suffering. Our lack of humanity aid is shameful and embracing.

Virginia, USA
April 15, 2013

Donald M. in Virginia writes:

I think the country of China is behind the issues regarding North Korea. How else did he obtain those medium range missiles? Also it seems to me that China staged this whole situation in North Korea, to bring our forces out to the scene. I wouldn't trust China. If you do, might find scrambled eggs on face if this goes wrong.

Hassan a.
April 16, 2013

Hassan Salem A. writes:

Condolences to the families of the victims and the injured and the government and the American people on this criminal terrorist act which is not recognized by true religion or any person with mind

I Hope that U.S. President to issue an order for the separation of South Yemen with North put a strong government in the south of Yemen, the security of the world starts from the Bab el Mandeb in the Middle East

All the world's problems occurred after the unity of Yemen and the exploitation of the tribe in northern Yemen in the robbery of the people and not to put the law protects the security of the people and protects the security and the countries of the world

Government tribe in the north do not care for the security of the world

The best solution to the world the secession of southern Yemen from the north in order to return strong security on the Bab el Mandeb under an independent government in south Yemen

Security was in South Yemen before unification is very strong and in control of all the cities and on the Bab el Mandeb best site is important for the security of the world

God bless ,, God bless America


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