Travel Diary: Secretary Clinton in Nigeria

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August 10, 2012
Secretary Clinton With Nigerian Ministers

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On August 9, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton met with Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan and the National Security Council in Abuja, Nigeria. Secretary Clinton and President Goodluck Jonathan discussed how the U.S.-Nigeria Binational Commission is helping to expand and deepen cooperation on a wide range of issues, including economic matters, the improvement and the productivity of agriculture, education and health, and security. Secretary Clinton and President Goodluck Jonathan also discussed some of the challenges the Nigerians face in the security arena and corruption.

In a background briefing, a senior State Department official described Nigeria as one of the most important countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and underscored the importance of its relationship to the United States. The official said, "Besides being the most populous country in Africa at 170 million people, its importance can be measured in political and economic terms as well as regional and global terms."

Secretary Clinton said, "...We really believe that the future for Nigeria is limitless. But the most important task that you face, as you have said, is making sure that there are better opportunities for all Nigerians -- north, south, east, west -- every young boy and girl to have a chance to fulfill his or her God-given potential. And we want to work with you and we will be by your side as you make the reforms and take the tough decisions that are necessary."

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