Travel Diary: Secretary Clinton in Egypt

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July 15, 2012
Secretary Clinton Meets With Egyptian President

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U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton arrived in Cairo, Egypt, on July 14, 2012. Secretary Clinton met with recently elected President Morsi and other senior officials. She underscored the importance of the U.S.-Egypt relationship and expressed her support for Egypt as it moves forward with its transition to democratic, civilian rule. In addition to engaging with President Morsi, Secretary Clinton met with other senior officials on the question of what the United States can do to support a complete transition. In remarks during a joint press conference with Egyptian Foreign Minister Amr, Secretary Clinton said:

"This is, of course, a time marked by many historic firsts, and it is very clear that Egyptians are in the midst of complex negotiations about the transition, from the composition of your parliament to the writing of a new constitution to the powers of the president. Only Egyptians can answer these questions, but I have come to Cairo to reaffirm the strong support of the United States for the Egyptian people and for your democratic transition."

You can read the Secretary's complete remarks here.

Secretary Clinton is on travel to France, Afghanistan, Japan, Mongolia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Egypt, and Israel. You can follow her trip on



Max I.
Washington, USA
July 14, 2012

Max in Washington writes:

I wanted to share some of my thoughts on Syria and how Russia and China could be more easily swayed to ally with the USA. In my experience threatening or demanding something from Russia (Putin) won't work, because he is stubborn and also because he wants to be taken seriously and feel important in the world. In my opinion the best way to in a way ''schmooze'' Russia and also China into doing something positive and productive in regards to Syria is to appeal to their long history as very capable and civilized cultures and that the USA is puzzled how such a proud and intelligent people can only sit by and look on when thousands of people are getting slaughtered. You have to compliment them and at the same time make them feel guilty. Instead of reacting outraged, annoyed and combative with Russia and their stance and stubbornness on Syria, pretend to be puzzled, confused and saddened by their conduct and support of the Assad regime. People in that part of the world are somewhat melodramatic and so you need to play into this tendency and this culture, instead of trying to convince and negotiate with the Russians in a direct and reasonable more western way. I am not saying that one or the other is better, reason and emotion both have their place, but in Russia and China emotion works better than reason in negotiations. The Russian people are more emotion based instead of reason based and if you appeal to this side of theirs Putin will quickly loose the backing within his populace for supporting Assad. It is somewhat theatrical and might not seem like the most direct and mature way to achieve success to stabilize and protect the Syrian people, but this in my opinion is the way to go.

If you see Vladimir Putin like a young boy who wants recognition and who wants to impress and does not really want to harm anybody but just wants to be respected and wants to be perceived as powerful and strong you have a good idea how you can negotiate better with him. You have to deal with him like you would deal with a teenager, instead of dealing with him like he is an adult. I know he is a teenager with a big nuclear arsenal hahahahahaha and that makes things a little more difficult, but if you can elegantly apply peer pressure on him instead of appealing to his reason and than being disappointed in him if he does not react to that, I think you will go further. Also it might help if you admit to some of your challenges and shortcomings, because that will make him more comfortable to open up about his own challenges without having to feel exposed or weak. With teenagers you have to take risks and give them some responsibilities and ask them to be responsible and mature, but you also have to reward them. Maybe after Putin allied with you, you can give him a very special American State Department Award to recognize his cooperation, something that looks golden, is shiny, beautiful and very rare hahahaha

Wishing you all the best and I hope that the Syrian conflict can be resolved quickly so that not more people have to suffer and that there is more stability in this very volatile region of the earth again.

Maryland, USA
July 16, 2012

Patrick in Maryland writes:

Made in Egypt, sounds like a good idea for

improving the Worlds economic progress.

New Mexico, USA
July 16, 2012

Eric in New Mexico writes:

The first time I heard the phrase "Muslim Brotherhood" in reference to a group, I thought it was in reference to a Middle Eastern rock band singing controversial lyrics.

Come to find out some wonder about their political agenda, and like any good rock and roll band, it's going to take a position on issues and gain some noteriety.

I mean look at the Stones..."The Rolling Stones"...back in the day some folks thought them a subversive influence upon the youth of America, and so they were, and are, and much loved for it today.

So you say "democracy is hard" and so it is, as there's a difference between wanting it, and having it. And a lot of hard work separates the two.

A political party is not a homogenous entity. There is a spectrum of views in any political party running from moderate to extreme among its individual members, and probably Mr. Morsi understands the challenge of finding that happy medium that will serve the majority of his people's hopes amd aspirations when it comes to ratifying a new constitution and forming the lasting checks and balances between government ministries, the courts, and the executive and legistlative; that I'd say to the doubters that the Egyptian people have about 7500 or more years of nation building and 2300 years ago an Egyptian named Ptah Hotep came up with "the good sayings" , which may be one of the first recorded political and philosophical code of conduct on living and governing well.

Some of which have direct democratic corrolary, in model respects.

So I think if anyone can build a moderate, tolerant Islamic society that respects the rights of others to their beliefs and dignity as they do their own, then history should give the Egyptian people confidence in themselves to achieve it peacefully.

Folks around the Mideast have been singing "can't get no satisfaction" for about as long as the Rolling Stones have been in existance and longer, but now that they're getting some...we see dancing in Egypt's streets.

I just gotta say that overall, despite the bumps and uncertainties in the road, there's a levelheadedness about Egypt's leadership that stands as stark contrast to Syria's military junta under Assad, and I can only wonder what the Muslim Brotherhood thinks about what Assad is doing to his people.

In any case, I think work needs to be done in letting the Egyptian people know we arn't trying to shape their future for them, but rather doing a little heavy lifting of debt and providing a little economic assistance to help folks shape it for themselves.

Folks may accuse the US of trying to "influence" the course of events, and a lot of influence was brought to bear bilaterally from the beginning to pressure the former regime to keep things peacefull when they were cracking heads in the streets and I think it will be remembered as the proper kind of influence to exert. Apparently there's a misunderstanding among those protesting the Sec. of State's visit.

Democracies get by with a little help from their friends.


South Korea
July 16, 2012

Palgye in South Korea writes:

To Missile attack range extention talk of South-Korea.

South Korea to extend the range of the missile, the consultation, are underway in the United States, watching the news .....
.Korea's national strength have grown dramatically, though weak, but the story has grown into a democracy, is not intended to persuade the State Department.
Korea's economic development, economic growth in China and Russia will made during stagnating period, the current situation rather than in the 1970s, more difficult to believe that a dangerous situation. South Korea exported more to China than the United States is attempting to, and China's economic recession, economic growth in Korea has grown to reduce the size. In addition, China to manufacture its own aircraft carrier, almost, and one of Asia's growing military power to think.Formerly, the calculation of degree of difficulty with a number of soldiers, a time when the threat of Asia in China, feel that, armed with sophisticated weapons. In addition, Russia also reshaping the economic structure, while strengthened on the basis of national power, military strength, while we think we will be able to descend slowly to the south.

But, in my opinion, China and Russia's political leaders more interested in economic issues than the war with the ones who never, we can choose all the unhappy war, I think is very low. Of course, grew up on the basis of national strength, areas of conflict, claiming ownership of the island, the local battle of the suspect is very likely to occur. Battle to stop, but if, deeply involved, the war must be prepared for the possibility to expand to think. To be honest, personal opinion, while it is set to the conflict zone, where underground resources that exist in the fishery resources and to jointly develop a policy that is considered suitable. Diplomatic approach, obviously, around the question of the ability of political leaders, with a political offensive by the opposition of their political influence and deposed the potential to lead to a reduction in, because you think that war is likely to choose ...
Again, back to the point,
South Korea's transition to a military power, but power attack, think-needed basis. Around the country, as long as the growth of the military and economic power,Increased the range of missiles, a powerful force that occurs, rather than containment, a small battle in the conflict zone, for containment devices are made to think. In the worst-case scenario, China or Russia, to give up certain areas of the country, when Korea acquired, absolutely, China or Russia is going to be the most powerful countries in Northeast Asia, I think. - My personal opinion, but to build a naval base on Jeju Island, the secret missile base believe that we must build. Conventional power, but power strike in retaliation for the wrong choice, at least with a response time of 5-10 minutes away, the missiles and torpedoes with the same, you must build a base, at least five years experience in combat, while avoiding local, disputes occur they'll have the ability to negotiate, I think. Some, talk about the influence of the U.S., but the time to talk about it too late, I think. Already, I think the war began. Is selected, how and when you think the problem is remaining, ......

South Korea
July 16, 2012

Palgye in South Korea writes:

cookstove, with projects that provide food to promote, such as WB, How about you?

Simply to buy food, rather than
2-3 times a year, the cultivation of the land area available to rent, to cultivate grain, and grain costs, the region that are experiencing hunger or disaster occurs in the region to supply, WB, and the pursuit of Sec the development of democracy and the promotion of human rights - the rights of women to think how to strengthen, personally ..... the world economy does poorly, expect to get more people starve. From now on, start to think.

Maryland, USA
July 16, 2012

Patrick in Maryland writes:

What I'm saying is that they should help get

the businesses in Egypt running and worry

about the government later. This would help

the people of Egypt now. And this would

enhance the well-being of the Egyptian people.

People think better when they're working. :)

West Virginia, USA
July 16, 2012

Dr. G. in West Virginia writes:

Did they shake hands, yet?

m f.
Missouri, USA
September 18, 2012

M. Fran in Missouri writes:

I supported you in your campaign for pres., & when you were named Sec. of State, but I no longer support you in your obvious continued neglect of your own country. Until the president uses another "Exec. Order" to take more of our rights away, we still have free speech in the U.S.! Shame, shame on you....


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