Promoting Understanding and Empowering Women Through Soccer in Malaysia

Posted by Scott Sanders
March 14, 2012
Former Women's World Cup Player Danielle Slaton With Youth in Malaysia

In a SportsUnited Soccer Envoy Program in Malaysia, on February 20 through 24, Cheryl Bailey, Tony Sanneh, and Danielle Slaton shared their world-class skill, coaching and management expertise to promote mutual understanding through sports with Malaysian youth, coaches, and managers.

Danielle and Tony conducted a total of nine soccer clinics and Cheryl spoke at seven management seminars. The major impact of Cheryl's classes was in conveying the message to those in administrative positions in Malaysian soccer that there needs to be more opportunity and support for girls and women in the sport. In an interview with the New Straits Times, one of Malaysia's largest English-language newspapers, Cheryl said, "There is no reason why Malaysia cannot be a formidable force in women's football." She, Danielle, and Tony had a significant impact on the clinic and seminar participants through their positive attitude, unquestioned knowledge and skill, and their winning spirit.


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