Strengthening U.S.-EU Economic Ties By Promoting Innovation and Eliminating Barriers to Trade

December 12, 2011
Under Secretary Hormats Participates in the U.S.-EU Transatlantic Economic Council

All of us at the State Department, from Secretary Clinton to our officers in the field, devote a lot of time and energy advocating for American business and helping support more good jobs for Americans here at home. A key aspect of this work is deepening our relationship with our partners in the European Union, which forms the largest economic bloc in the world. Last week, I participated in a meeting of the U.S.-EU Transatlantic Economic Council, or TEC, which helps strengthen U.S.-EU economic ties by promoting innovation, streamlining regulations, and eliminating barriers to trade and investment. The TEC brings together U.S. Cabinet members, EU Commissioners, as well as a wide range of experts for a comprehensive approach to increase cooperation across the Atlantic.

The focus on transatlantic relations now is very rightly on jobs. It should be no surprise that economic issues figure so prominently in the U.S.-EU relationship. Europe remains our largest economic partner and is enormously important to American jobs and prosperity. Last year, for example, U.S. merchandise exports to Europe were more than three times our exports to China.

We are particularly focused in our relationship with Europe on the jobs that will be created through increased innovation and critical investments in science, education, green energy, and infrastructure. This year, the promise and the challenge of electric vehicles -- or "e-mobility" -- is a particular focus of the TEC. Car-makers on both sides of the Atlantic pushed for TEC action so that our manufacturers can compete based on quality and value. The United States and European Union have now agreed on a roadmap covering the streamlining and convergence of technical standards, regulation, and research on vehicles, batteries, smart grids, and other related infrastructure to realize the potential of new clean technologies. We hope that in the coming months, the United States and European Union will agree on joint standards for e-mobility, giving us both a global edge in this emerging sector. We are also in final discussions to roll out "sister city" demonstration projects and joint U.S.-EU testing labs to support e-vehicles.

The work of the TEC goes on through the year, but high-level meetings can bring meaningful breakthroughs. For this meeting, the United States and European Union agreed on mutual recognition of trusted secure trader programs (the U.S. Customs-Trade Partnership against Terrorism). This will allow for one-time security registration for companies to allow them modified cargo screenings between the U.S. and EU member states. Secure trade has been a goal of the TEC since its founding. It is something that our business community has been seeking, to lower costs and increase efficient movement of cargo without compromising security.

The TEC made progress in many other areas as well.

Throughout the process, the input of the business communities on both sides of the Atlantic has been indispensable in helping to shape the TEC's priorities and provide valuable expertise and leadership. Thriving business relationships across the Atlantic create jobs in Europe and the United States and add to prosperity in both. Despite difficult fiscal challenges well known to all, we have made real progress on issues of central importance to our ability to lead the world in dynamic new technologies, setting high standards and ensuring that the role of fair competition does not fall victim to the forces of economic nationalism.



December 13, 2011

Wantei in India writes:

This is a really interesting website.

South Korea
December 13, 2011

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Two people I needed to be said about the presidential candidates who do not remember it. However, until December 2011 to co-work story should have a recall. Calculation poor, but 12 months have passed, the economic crisis has been resolved, to show citizens the ability to resolve the crisis, the presidential election that I think can easily be solved, I would like to remember.

Capital invested in China and, IMF as a last resort, leaving the way I thought it was used appropriately, Violet survive the three days ....

I do not want to talk to you anymore.

Yes, IMF involvement of European countries going to kill some extent, aggressive intervention, I would like to leave it as a last resort.

Once you've solved in 2-3 years ago, Greece,

And, do you often read my story? Is wondering.

In Europe, leaders need to think. With great power, dialogue and compromise rather than forcing you to talk, the cliches, not the dictatorial powers until the country resolves this crisis, Europe should lead to believe. Everybody but the opposite,

And, the UK continues to contrast, other special laws enacted for England and Britain's recognition of the uniqueness, while maintaining a policy of engagement What about that? Continental law system is completely independent of the system is different, the UK's economic system was maintained in cooperation with the United States, one must provide an opportunity to think. Still, I think there is a big problem. If a problem occurs, the UK's unique governance system, I think you were going to solve. Rather, countries such as Spain or Portugal in the default risk is bigger than you think ...

Political settlement efforts have failed, the story, but rather from the perspective of economic bankruptcy of national states in Europe have already I think. Power Policy to political power and unite the people and investors expressed their strong commitment that I will pay the debt, if you think I'd be more likely to overcome this crisis.

If you want more money to invest, but that he is not the only answer. For a moment, to stop the strike, while the people seem united appearance, leaders to sacrifice their first appearance to show - using the media as appropriate - the proper way to think.

I am already, it's been in Europe I think this money will solve the period. Think that it is too late. To solve the money, I can put all the money that exists in the world, is considered a difficult situation. If you spend that money, and other developments that are likely to invest in difficult areas, I thought I'd be back down to the world economy. China, India, Southeast Asia and Russia and some countries of Latin America as a small investment is expected to great effect. However, all such funds investing in Europe ....... and of Europe, securities markets in both Asia and disappears funds ..........

By selecting the appropriate country, to when they go out in Europe, this crisis, it would take leadership roles, and I think people need to unite. If you need a strong reputation to mobilize public authorities (public authorities should mobilize and wanted to talk, European countries agreed they'd be easy I thought, and still .....)

When this condition exists with the 2012 presidential election, your likely to lead to a failure to suspect. Responsibility for the failed economic policies for the victim to think of the people needs. Welfare than the economic problems back to the first issue that I would be expected.

PS Tomorrow, Samsung to me that the legal proceedings, nothing in your blog posting a little That's got to be tough. Anyway, self-satisfied, but ...

I swear to God. Fight and win in the presidential election alone, that it is impossible to believe. Your interest and support received from the national period, Deal and the looked like it is time to work.

December 13, 2011

W.W. writes:

holy cow I wrote that ...

warren buffet after taxing himself needs founding so he moodly decided to take it from portugal ireland greece he tried with Italy but he found Berlusconi so they removed him for a monti big bilderberg ... Cameron said NO WAY i am not going to have goldman and sachs along with all the other vampires sucking everything from british population and now they try with Norway and Russia...

Go Putin Go

New Mexico, USA
December 13, 2011

Eric in New Mexico writes:

@ WW,

And some folk jot down the dreams they have when they wake up in the morning...Mmm.(chuckle)

That one sounds like a convoluted nightmare... the product of a fever dream?

You ain't sick or something are you? (grin)

Well I dunno 'bout no all-you-can-eat buffet, but I sure am fed up to the gills with this economy.

I dunno about Putin either, could be going , going, gone, if the Russian people are as fed up with theirs.

In any case, Mr. Lavrov is either as dumb as box of rocks or Russians just have a unique way of shooting themselves in the foot, one toe at a time.

Like he can preach morality with a strait face to those who support the oppressed in Syria, when Russia sells arms to Assad's regime, Assad makes war on his people, and they start shooting back.

And you thought what you wrote was worthy of "holy cow!", Lavrov is talkin' whachamaycallit from the bull's backside.

Does he have any toes left I wonder after shooting off his yap like that?

Aye well, stupid is as stupid does.

Just hope we see unemployment down to around 6.5% and gas @ $2.00 per gal. or less by election time so the public gets results they can believe in.


December 14, 2011

W.W. writes:

@ eric

more then dreams I d call em delirating illusional reptile visions from las vegas...

Florence event:

International community must condemn the act of Violence against senegali and black community.

The act is given by Bilderberg government that toke power against Italian constitution and against people soverignity.

Bilderberg (now monti before prodi and others) Government that operated through the years has purposly created in Italy and on European soil an Huge Illegal immigration to destablilize Italian and Eurpean job market and vote powered citizen to have em loosing their sovereignity.

the Act in Florence is a consequence of this Bilderberg policy and a consequence of citizen Ignarancy in taking violence as an easy answer.

New Mexico, USA
December 14, 2011

Eric in New Mexico writes:

@ WW,

Oh, I get it, you're writing the sequel to "Fear and loathing in Las Vegas" right?

I guess I should point out that the inspiration for the original work was a really, really, bad acid trip.


And no I don't want to catch a "contact high" from the leaping lizards of halucinatory origin still-born in delerium infused delusions of Bilder-bunk psycosis, thanks.

When you sober up perhaps we can have a meaningful conversation and the authors of blog posts @ State will join us on their own home turf to toss the football around in debate, and just wait until I offer up for their review my new year's wish list for a new and inproved Dipnote blog,...and a better world.

...coming soon to a economy in crisis near you.


December 15, 2011

W.W. writes:

@ eric :

The problem is that I am always sober therefore we r in the 12days before Xmass

Davor Z.
December 19, 2011

Davor Bilobrk Z. in Croatia writes:

It is not easy to write just a few words about EuroAmerican market that by inter-compatibility significantly exceeds subjects specified on particular occassion.


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