President Obama's 2011 Asia Pacific Trip

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November 19, 2011
President Obama Reviews the Troops During an Official Arrival Ceremony
President Obama Listens to Australian Prime Minister Gillard
President Obama and Australian Prime Minister Gillard Look at the Roll of Honour
President Obama and Australian Prime Minister Gillard Wave to the Troops
President Obama Announces Secretary Clinton Will Travel to Burma
U.S.-ASEAN Leaders Pose for a Photo
President Obama Stands as Boeing Senior Vice President Conner and Lion Air CEO Kirana Announce a Deal

Following APEC in Hawaii, President Obama continued his tour of the Asia Pacific region with visits to Australia and Indonesia to strengthen relationships, promote security, and expand trade in the Pacific.

In Australia, President Obama met with Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard to mark the 60th anniversary of the U.S.-Australia alliance. On November 16, the President and Prime Minister announced plans for the first sustained American military presence in Australia. In a press conference in Canberra, President Obama said, "The United States of America has no stronger ally than Australia. We are bound by common values, the rights and the freedoms that we cherish. And for nearly a century, we've stood together in defense of these freedoms. And I'm very happy to be here as we celebrate the 60th anniversary of our alliance, and as we work together to strengthen it for the future." On November 17, President Obama addressed the Australian Parliament. He said, "...History is on the side of the free -- free societies, free governments, free economies, free people...And the future belongs to those who stand firm for those ideals, in this region and around the world."

Later in the day, President Obama traveled to Darwin to speak with U.S. and Australian service members at the Royal Australian Air Force Base. The President said, "...Going forward, our purpose is the same as it was 60 years ago -- the preservation of peace and security."

President Obama then traveled to Bali, Indonesia, where he participated in the U.S.-ASEAN Summit and became the first American President ever to attend the East Asia Summit. At the Summit, the President and his counterparts discussed a wide range of issues, including trade, energy, and climate change; and he held bilateral meetings with the leaders of India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. President Obama also announced that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will visit Burma to discuss that country's efforts to institute important democratic reforms.

You can learn more President Obama's Asia Pacific trip here.


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