Secretary Clinton Honors "TechWomen"

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July 6, 2011

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton honored 37 women from the Middle East and North Africa and their American mentors who participated in TechWomen, an initiative that harnesses the power of technology and international exchanges as a means to empower women and girls worldwide, on July 6, 2011.

Secretary Clinton said, "...[B]eing a woman in the field of technology is not always easy. Being a woman in any field is not always easy but there are so many opportunities in technology that we just have to forge ahead, and we're doing so around the world because we want to make sure that all the tools that technology has made available are just as open to women as they are to men. And I also believe that innovation thrives on good ideas, and women have a lot of good ideas. And we don't want those ideas to just die. We want them to be shared and to help others and to create businesses and jobs and improve lives. And it has a greater impact when technology has access for everyone.

"So wherever you live, whether it's in Silicon Valley or in the Middle East or North Africa, we want to support you. We want to support the software that you design, the engineering projects that you manage, the courses that you teach. We want to help you develop and apply new technologies, and we want to help you spread the word about what is available for all people.

"Now, we see the impact of new technologies every day. We're working with farmers in many parts of the world who are now using mobile phones to find the best prices for their crops. We're working with health professionals so that pregnant women and new mothers can get good advice about how to care for their newborns via text messages. We're working with students so that they can learn English through mobile language apps. And we're working with civil society so that you can use the internet to uncover corruption and advocate more effectively for political and economic reform.

"So we're excited about the role of technology, and we want to help facilitate your use of it. Here in the State Department, we do what we call 21st century statecraft. That's just a fancy way of saying that we are trying to use technology to open up doors that are otherwise closed. And so for example, last week in Lithuania, Alec Ross, who is here and heading up a lot of our efforts along with his great team, convened what we call a tech camp. Now, a tech camp is an opportunity to bring together dozens of civil society activists, human rights defenders, NGO leaders from many different societies. These particularly were from former Soviet states like Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, and others, because they're interested in using the internet and connection technologies to forge political change, and to give people a voice who might otherwise not have one. And what we believe is that technology can be a great facilitator. It can also be used by governments and others to prevent people from being able to communicate.

"So we have to stay a step ahead so that people are never deprived of their opportunity, as we saw how important that was in both Tunisia and Egypt over the last months. We're seeing it in many other settings as well. And we want to help you really fulfill your own God-given potential, however you define that, by using technology as one of the many tools for enhancing relationships, building businesses, creating greater opportunities.

"I also think it's important that these conversations that you have begun this past month continue, and we hope that you will reach out to women and girls back home who can benefit from what you have experienced, because the world needs your contributions, and I know that each of you has such great potential.

"So our work is just beginning together and we want to hear from you. I welcome you to stay in touch with us and to offer your suggestions, your recommendations, your constructive criticism, because we're trying to create this opportunity, but then we're going to step back and we're going to expect each and every one of you to really carry on as you decide is best.

"And in order to do more to encourage innovation and promote the spread of new technologies to give women and girls the support that they need to become leaders in this field, I'm very pleased to announce a new program that we will launch next year that will complement the TechWomen program. We're calling it TechGirls and it will bring teenage girls from the Middle East and North Africa for an intensive month of educational activities here in the United States. And since it seems like technology is evolving so fast, we actually think having this opportunity for young women is as important as having it for more mature women, because I think there's a creativity that can be generated by doing that.

"We will look to you, the first class of TechWomen, to help us really make this program a success. I am so honored to join you in this effort. As Ann Stock said, I believe wholeheartedly in the universal rights of all people. One of my heroines, Eleanor Roosevelt, was one of the people back in the late 1940s who worked to write the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. At the time, that was passed unanimously at the beginning of the United Nations. And we've seen a lot of progress, but unfortunately, not in every place and not for everyone.

"And the 21st century is in many ways the time when women and girls should be fully embraced to be given their universal human rights no matter who they are or where they live. And we have this wonderful new invention that Eleanor Roosevelt could never have imagined, known as the internet, where people can talk across thousands of miles, where they can learn from long distance learning, where they can come up with ideas and share them with people next door or people on the next continent. It has so much potential for unleashing the creativity and building the opportunity that is at the root of any successful society and that should be available to every person.

"So I'm thrilled that you are the pioneers, those of you who are the first TechWomen. And those who are the mentors, I thank you for taking time out of your own very busy schedule. I know how challenging it is still today to be a woman in technology in my own country. I look at my friend Lorraine Hariton, who came out of Silicon Valley after having been so successful.

"So we know that there's work to be done here at home as well as around the world, but we think the opportunities are almost unimaginable. So we congratulate you for having the imagination to come here for a month. And I know how exciting it will be to go home and to see your families and your friends and talk about what you've done. And I want you to know that we will continue to work with you, we will continue to support you, and we will continue to look for ways that we can empower women and girls through technology."

You can read the Secretary's complete remarks here.



South Korea
July 6, 2011

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Yes, good job.
Also, I am very happy that provided food to North Korea. Provided that food is not just a happy, comments of the Secretary of State, as an active surveillance system consisting of the food supply under the'm a happy. Delivered food to the people of North Korea yigie exactly happy. And, outside of that used for military purposes, those who refuse to provide, so pleased to offer a little lesson.

I, the North's leader gamsichegyeman perfect tweeter, you talked about would be provided food, were one of the ten million people'm a happy. However, the leader of North Korea is using Twitter Twitter really does? Still, it is curious. I did not have contacts and information, will always have this kind of problem. I Is there a good way to get rid of worry?

In fact, the Secretary of State two, and the European Union, through providing food to North Korea to think, go on.

And one significant event to consider the time to prepare. Libyan War provides a good opportunity, but are about security, warranty do not think there is a long-lasting issue. Long-term, substantial yimyeonseo, sympathetic ordinary citizens, while providing jobs, new people, but a consensus has already formed, new, but so renewed - the forming of the rich do not worry of, the event is deemed necessary.

Even if I have done in Korea, would oblige me? Discussed in the paper's local news page, not the dirty crime, yet the initiative, Sir, but ...

July 6, 2011

W.W. writes:

Developping like UAE? moving toward that direction?

New Mexico, USA
July 7, 2011

Eric in New Mexico writes:

@ Palgye,

Congrats. on ROK becoming host to winter olympics, I'm sure that brings happiness.

As for 'lil Kim-so-ill and feeding people;

If China had a humanitarian bone in all of its dysfunctional body politic, Mr. Hu would invite Kim and son for a visit and immediately arrest them for genocide on his people and his repeated threats to commit genocide via nuclear war;

Then we won't have to worry about whether the food gets to the people or not.

When China tells folks to put down their guns and grab their bowls, it's dinnertime.

If Hu has national interests in mind and stability is the primary motivator; then to assure his nation lasting market-share in America, he'll see the sense in doing so.

Because all the Yuan in China won't cover the bill we send to them in the aftermath of war if 'lil Kim starts one, having been coddled by China for far too long and it leading folks to this point of crisis.

When Ghaddafi uses his armed forces to wage war on his people, there is no difference in the gernocidal intent if a leader denies his people their daily sustinance.

Shooting them would be more "compassionate" than the long slow death 'lil Kim has offered them.

China, like the US did, faces a clear choice to sit back, do nothing, and be complicit in the crime; or to do right by the people and protect populations, because they have the capacity to do so.

To be the goat, or the hero...therin lies Mr. Hu's I-Ching reading; for the trigram the coins I've just tossed chose; was the one that reads "danger over opportunity".

The Book of Changes rarely gets it wrong when a question is asked of it in clear consciousness.

Why it is doing what's right is so terrifying to governments is a mystery to me.

But "don't worry" I wish to tell them, for doing so is like grasping a bright pearl in a pile of dung.

Be well,


Elliot R.
Utah, USA
July 7, 2011

Elliot R. in Utah writes:

I think this is a fantastic idea, empowering women throughout the world with technology. This is something I attempted to do as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Armenia. What a wonderful SoS we have in Clinton and the role she has played in the world. God Be With her in her travels.

California, USA
July 7, 2011

Caroline in California writes:

Thank you for spreading the message of the power of women supporting other women around the world and leveraging technology to foster change!

July 7, 2011

W.W. writes:

The libyan colonel needs a Lawyer better an empowered woman...

South Korea
July 7, 2011

Palgye in South Korea writes:

@Eric in New Mexico

Thanks but some S-Korea person not glad.that`s start tax and end tax, more bad things, it`s manage by tax....
now, s-korea, six person dead a day and almost 200person hurt and injure while was working....

Korea's foreign in the media export increases, economic growth may seem as though the Bush administration, such as when a mortgage loan to dangerous levels, access, and job and regular and irregular differences increasingly large, and social problems have grown (full-time? In South Korea be two full-time, home and purchasing a car and suspect that is likely to be married) to select economic growth and commodity prices rise, so the suffering of citizens too much.

And college students have a commitment fee on the president's half angry, arguing, protesting over a week, and most roads in the occupied country, even those who wrong them, and I think that you could talk to people. South Korea's National Fees are based on the quality of life, the United States an upper, South Korea ranks 2.

Approximately 10% of the overall budget for their money, develop and harness the river - do not even have a job increase in business - so, the budget for economic welfare and common people took off almost disappeared, daily demonstrations in South Korea has occurred .

There is no end to these practices. Protest with political objectives aside, the internal problems too .... A lot

However, companies in the meantime earned money to keep their own safe, socially, without any reduction or donations - to revive companies sacrifice the people, I'm giving you - where they purchased the land, in order to attract the Winter Olympics, they to tax in South Africa next he's using.

yunakim? - pretend all these issues and work hard to form a cartel of domestic politicians and speculators trying to help large companies, trying frantically from the appearance, why are we the athletes she represents Korea should think that is questionable. sports star, originally low IQ?

Work north, left six people dead and 200 people a day dachipnida. Officially ... We still live, to work in developing countries is the level of the working environment. And a good company to work at providing the money should be You must also have connections - and ordinary people have to use money and connections will be employed. South Korea has this problem is too many countries, this problem does not concern the'm trying to hwajangman.

North Korea - North Korea's leaders that you have a systematic contact with the secret, was born in Korea, anyone who has lived there 40 years, I think everyone should know. Rather than worrying about the war on North Korea sikyeoseo economic growth, reduce the cost of reunification should find a way to think. North Korea's General Secretary is not an idiot. And, he's deep sympathy with the press in Korea - I believe that you have a contact system. Has experienced. So, the State Department to blog about North Korea based on incorrect information that was the wrong story. Watch said, trying to help North Korea to blind people and their social position as rulers of North Korea and unification of information about the monopoly that the more seriously, I think. (Ytn? Mbn? Or MB? @ GH_PARK?)

North Korea - solve the problem of separated families, while passing through North Korea, China and Russia by rail and road connections to realize a dream and I'd like to. Concrete steps yet, but ,,,,,,,

New Mexico, USA
July 7, 2011

Eric in New Mexico writes:


In order to build it so sportsfans may come and bring their money to spend, I suppose that tax could be viewed as an investment in jobs and the economy, but not until the olympic committee awarded your nation for it's efforts did anyone have hope to reap return on that investment.

I'd venture a guess that even with OSHA (occupational safety and health admin.) standards in our workplace, we probably have similar statistics.

I generally give blood on every job I'm on, to one degree or another.

Construction my friend is best done by younger folks than I, it is only experience that has prevented me from far worse injury or death.

Ok, so bein' on the low end of the economic ladder as I am, a full 20% tax (fed. State, FICA (social security) etc.)off the top of my paycheck, then another 10% sales tax on everything I purchase to survive, it's certainly not the wealthy of this nation that needs a break on their taxes, eh?

My tax dollars bailed out our banks and I still can't get a loan to put a rebuilt transmissioon in my 4x4, even if I put the title to it up for collateral.

Do I feel ripped off, pissed off, and nickled and dimed to death? You betcha!

But I just gotta remember to breath and be patient with it, because things are a lot better now than when I wasn't working.

We don't live in a perfect world Palgye, but I strongly suspect if 'lil Kim wasn't threatening your nation and mine with nuclear war, you would not feel taxed to death by your government's military expenditures to prevent that, as both our nations would save billions anually not maintaining such high levels of alertness.

"Dear leader" is in fact an idiot, for to set North Koreans free to join their families would be a better bet than anihilation, or starvation.

And when I talk about the bill we'll send folks in the aftermath, money wouldn't cover it even if China printed Yuan 24/7/365 for a thousand years before they even come close to erasing THAT debt to us.

That's just my billing estimate, wait until they get your's...

These things arn't negotiable, for it is more a matter of cause and effect.

A choice exists however between the sane and the insane, as to what kind of Korea the future will bring.

That's just my take on things, not my government's.

As a citizen, I'm perfectly able to peer around my government's policies and get to the heart of the matter without a whole lot of "Diplospeak" to put a good face on it.

When talks fail...$#@&! happens.



Mary C.
New York, USA
July 7, 2011

Dr. Mary C. in New York writes:

Being my BMF from Russia invested $100 million in the same technology and it is ready to go why can't GM license it and get it out to market like yesterday? Or better yet allow the Russians to bring export the whole car to the states today? For our children's future let them learn how to earn long money, $15 bucks or better doing this technology in a plant.

I did a small market research on the Yo-mobile, the natural gas fuel cell hybrid that gets 60 mpg. I found that people are willing to pay $30,000 for a car like that. I would love to be the North American Distributor for such a vehicle. I have expertise in that green energy area. anyone willing to work on this project please contact me.

John P.
July 8, 2011

John in Greece writes:

U.S.A. has revealed and advanced women's role in science and tech among other areas of human life.
I was watching:

I was thinking how much important women scientists have been/are for us...
I mean "NASA women" are another example of what I'm trying to say.

And then, I recalled this great post of DipNote "gang".

You are absolutely right to fight for Women’s equality, education and professional rights! And of course this is a theme associated with education and the chances we are “obliged” to offer them in order to reach the limit. In this case space -not only sky! (chuckle)


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